How to Stuff a Wild Panini
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I have a Snackster. It makes yummy sandwiches that look like this. More yummy sandwiches are wanted.

There have been a few sandwich posts here, but none that deal specifically with stuffed sandwiches and panini type sandwiches, which is what I'm after.

In addition to grilled cheese of every kind imaginable, I've made Reubens with great success, and have done a sort of Panera artichoke and turkey and caramelized onion sandwich, and have made mini calzones of sauces and cheese. What else can I try? Yep, I know how to google for recipes - I'm looking for sandwiches that you yourself have known and loved personally. My Snackster is hot and looking for action!
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Roast beef, blue cheese, and arugula.

Grilled vegetables and boursin cheese.
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Just had this one at lunch, today...Bacon, Brie w/onion marmalade! Wow, very good stuff!
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I put guacamole, cucumber, tomato, and onion on rye and top it with a nice cheddar. Delicious!
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Sundried tomatoes, goat cheese and cilantro. mmmm.
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Put apple pie filing between the slices of bread. Trust me. It is quite close to heaven.
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Green apple and Brie.
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Peanut butter and honey--with banana if you'd like.

We used to call this device "The Clapper" when I was in middle school. The one we had was circular, and so you had to trim off the bread's corners. It came out looking like a large flying saucer. I loved how the edges would be sealed together by the tight clasp the clapper had.

Thanks for reminding me that I need to get one of these fab devices!
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My fave sandwich is vanilla, peanut butter, and banana. I put them all in a blender and make a spread.
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Canned chili beans and cheese. Oh the deliciousness.
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George Duran claims that you can combine and three bread, melting cheese, and fruit jams into an awesome grilled cheese.
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nah ... you have a jaffel iron ... and my folks used to swear by egg jaffels ... break an egg into middle of a piece of bread, piece of bread on top, cook. However our jaffel iron didn't have a "slice down the middle"
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Thinly sliced turkey, Havarti cheese, sliced cucumbers and raspberry mustard.

You're welcome.
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Sliced tomatoes, onions, artichoke hearts, mushrooms and a combo of cheddar and pepper jack cheese.
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Bologna and Velveeta. White trashy goodness.
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Butter the outside of the sandwich and dust on a little brown sugar; fill the inside with jam.
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pesto, tomatoes, pickled peppers, mozarella and basil

black olive tapenade, goat cheese and tomatoes

garlic mayo, grilled chicken, tomato and bacon
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Prosciutto & swiss. Sometimes with a very thinly sliced tomato.

(Weren't you once eating meat, dairy and wheat free? The call of cheese is great. I was never a bread or cheese freak until I temporarily stopped eating it. Now I have a problem.)
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Sliced pears, fontina, and grilled onions--optional turkey.
Chopped dark chocolate and sliced bananas or peanut butter.
Brie and apricot or fig jam on sourdough.

I have something like this and need to start using it, but I hate cleaning it!
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Nutella and bananas - desert sandwich.
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break an egg into middle of a piece of bread, piece of bread on top, cook. However our jaffel iron didn't have a "slice down the middle"

Mine has a slice down the middle, and egg jaffles work mighty fine. I normally put ham, cheese and an egg on, and either BBQ or chilli sauce. Mmmm, heavenly. Bonus points if you make a barrier around the edge of the bread with the cheese to that the egg doesn't overflow.
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This is so awesome. I had stuck a PBJ in our toaster oven as a kid, but I had never heard of this particular thing before.
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I remember an infomercial for something like that. They filled each side with cornbread batter and dropped a hot dog in them for corndogs.
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tuna melt?

I just got all excited and ordered one of these off Amazon. So I'm hoping it will make a good tuna melt... cause I like tuna melts.
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oh dear, i could be here all day.

ham, mustard, swiss or cheddar, and apples or pears
smoked turkey, cheddar, and cranberry sauce
prosciutto, mozz, and marinara
sliced green peppers and cheddar
cream cheese and jam of choice
shredded manchego and quince paste
thinly sliced tomato and cheddar
roast beef, onions, swiss, and salsa verde
roast beef, onions, green pepper, and provelone
red pepper, feta, and spinach leaves
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if u slice mushrooms really thin u can use them. I also used to the egg thing. actually u can do away with the bread and make omelettes in them
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In New Zealand we call this ... wait ... a toasted sandwich maker or a toastie maker.

All the rage for weekend lunches. I taught my kids to make their own toasties from an early age - they love it.

*leftover minced meat, chutney or pickle and cheese
*cheese and tinned crushed pineapple
*stewed apple and cinnamon or nutmeg or ground cloves (just a pinch)
*cheese and onion
*tinned spaghetti - maybe that's a Kiwi thing?
*tinned creamed sweetcorn with onion and or cheese
*bacon, egg and cheese
*sliced sausage, baked beans and cheese
*baked beans - with or without cheese
*scone dough - Americans call it bisuit? As long as it's not too thick! Add cheese or jam or savoury it up with sultanas, dates, nuts or a blob of jam in the middle (make sure it's well encase otherwise the jam leaks and burns into the toastie maker. Also hot jam burns like crazy so handle with care.

Cheesy fillings work so well.

I also spray the inside of my toastie maker with spray oil. They it just needs a quick wipe with a damp cloth and back into the cupboard.
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Canned chili beans and cheese. Oh the deliciousness.
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The sandwich:
sliced turkey, sliced ham, colby, monterey jack, raspberry jam
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The panini I buy for lunch sometimes is chicken, avocado, capsicum, cheese and tabasco sauce. Yum.

Also, just baked beans. That was the best way to eat baked beans when I was a kid.
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Bacon, turkey, pepper pesto, avocado, and boursin cheese
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Provolone, pesto, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes.

Oh, I am so hungry for a hot, toasty sandwich right now.
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Cream cheese, tomato sauce, mozzarella, crushed red pepper. Best with sourdough.
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Portobello mushrooms, avocado, and brie. Thank me later.
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Turkey breast, brie, and honey mustard.
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Sorry it took so long to reply to this. Thanks so much for all of the great suggestions, everyone. As we try the suggestions, if they're super yummy I'll mark them Best Answers.

So many paninis, so little time.
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