How to control an iPad using an iPhone as a "remote"
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I have an iPad and an iPhone. I want to know if it's possible to remotely control the iPad using my iPhone.

The only functionality I really need is the ability to scroll up and down and I'd be sitting only a few feet away from the iPad when I do it. It feels like there should be an app that allows me to do this, but I haven't had luck in finding one. Can anyone help? I've considered getting some kind of bluetooth keyboard, but a) it feels like overkill when I really wouldn't need it except to move up and down and b) I'd like something small and handheld (like an iphone).
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maybe this? control a nearby apple device with iphone

Never tried this meself, just googled it up. : ) Otherwise I think there are 3rd party apps that may do this.
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Perhaps a Bluetooth scroller? That’s a random link, not an endorsement of that particular product.
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Similar to your bluetooth keyboard idea, you can also use a smaller bluetooth mouse or trackpad. Possible downsides: 1) you probably need a horizontal surface to use; even just for scrolling with the mouse wheel or the trackpad, it might be awkward to use in the air; 2) you will need two fingers to scroll up and down when using the trackpad, as a single finger moves the mouse cursor instead.

From Apple:
Use a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad with your iPad
Connect Magic Trackpad to iPad
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A mouse might do just what you want. For compact and inexpensive, I like the Logitech Pebble. The linked mouse is specifically for iPad, and is Bluetooth only; the standard Pebble has Bluetooth and also includes a dongle for standard 2.8 Mhz wireless (plus a nice spot in the mouse to hold the dongle when not in use).
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