Best super-short language school options for Japan?
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I posted a few days ago looking for suggestions on where to go for an extended-remix, unexpected vacation. I think my spouse and I want to spend all 4-ish weeks in Japan, with the first two spent doing a very short course at a language school. We're flexible on city. So which schools might suit us? And as ever, there's more context after the jump.

Relevant info:

*I know two weeks isn't long. My spouse and I are both very into language-learning and have already spent time studying Japanese, although on-again, off-again. I'm sure that two weeks will be enough to make a difference in our abilities. We can both read hiragana and katakana (decently), and my spouse knows lots of kanji. I can decipher many kanji from having studied Mandarin, but I don't know most of the voicings for them.

We have also spent quite a bit of time in Japan, so we're comfortable with travel, food, etc.

*Most language-school courses seem to be longer, but I've seen a few with two-week minimum enrollments. I just don't know enough about the schools themselves to tell the difference.

*Ideally, we'd be in a city for this, so that when we're not in class, we'll be able to explore and go out to eat, etc.

Where should we go?

(And for those of you looking for a follow-up, I think the plan is going to be to head to Okinawa or the Ogasawara islands afterwards, to catch some nice weather and maybe get more language practice.)
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I did two weeks at Genki in Tokyo (Shinjuku) in 2019. I had a good time; there was a test so they could place me at the right level, and the class was small and social and we had fun out of class eating and exploring together too. I booked through Language International.
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I’m the person who mentioned language classes in the other thread. No specific suggestions for schools in Japan, but if you can find 1:1 instruction, I would strongly recommend it, especially since you have backgrounds in a related language. My partner was in a similar situation with Spanish (he had studied Latin and had some French exposure) and he was able to move much more rapidly than if he had tested into a class because he had very strange knowledge gaps.
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Check your memail :)
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