Looking for subversive art and resources
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Having revisited If Shakespeare had a Sister by Virginia Woolf, read this piece on women in art, and a few other things, I’m experiencing some fresh rage.

I’m looking for visual art that is anti-establishment, subversive, created for the female gaze, ugly, non-pretty, or outsider. Assume I’m somewhat familiar with artists like Mary Cassatt, Frieda Kahlo, Hilma Auf Klimt, Georgia O’Keefe, Artemisia Gentileschi. I really want to know about contemporary artists who fit the description, but not only contemporary.

Books, websites, blogs, documentaries, podcasts, or specific artist names are all welcome and appreciated. Thank you!
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Kara Walker.
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Barbara Kruger, more including some example works here.
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Agnes Denes
Cindy Sherman
Tracey Emin
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Ana Mendieta
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Nancy Spero
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Judy Chicago
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Try Donna Haraway "A Manifesto For Cyborgs"

Laurie Anderson "United States" "Language of Love" "Private Property" "Sharkey's Day"
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I also very much like the discussion of "Crone Island" here on Metafilter. You may find some additional art related resources by doing a search on this site under "Crone Island"
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Look at Dark Mountain, for instance Charlotte Du Cann's, and many other artists there, as well as their Uncivilisation Festival.

Nancy Holt (1928-2014), Land Artist, there are not enough women land artists. For a long time this form was/is subversive as it ignored galleries.
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Performance artist Karen Finley.

Her monologue We Keep Our Victims Ready (CW: sexual assault) cost Finley a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship. She became one of four plaintiffs in a First Amendment case before the Supreme Court in 1998, NEA v. Finley.

Finley still has many things to say.
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Nicole Eisenman
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Also, a bit more comics-y than fine arts, but Lisa Hanawalt.
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Here are some other influential women in the arts movement; all of them have a large body of work that you can easily look up:

Yoko Ono had a really significant career as a performance artist. She deals with anger and cultural treatment of women. These performances are recorded so you can see them online. Some of them are very difficult to watch.

Susan Sontag. Huge bibliography of written works. Sontag had a longtime partnership with Anne Liebowitz, who has a large body of photographs.

Cindy Sherman. Huge body of photographic works on constructed self identity.

Adrienne Rich, huge body of poetry and prose on women in society.
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Check out Katy Hessel's amazing book The Story of Art Without Men! She has a fantastic Instagram (@thegreatwomenartists) and podcast!
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Also, Maria Lassnig is one of my favorite artists and far less known than she should be.
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Julie Doucet, specifically the comic "My New York Diary" inspired by/simultaneous to the 1970's-1980's "comix" underground a la Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly.

The comic depicts sensitive content.

Also, the award winning Ducks by Kate Beaton!
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Maud Madsen explores memory and body.
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