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My feminist friend is not familiar with Cindy Sherman's work. Is there a particularly awesome way to introduce her?

There's lots of her photographs up online. I'm looking for something with a little pizzazz that explains what her work is about. Criticism, articles, videos, books encouraged.
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Dpn't spoil it for her. Show her the pictures before revealing they're all self-portraits.
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Google image search Cindy Sherman and be all "I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!"

I agree with feral_goldfish that her work is best seen for the first time away from explanations. That part comes after.
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Well, I suppose there is no way you feel like taking a trip to Minneapolis is there? I was uninitiated to her and saw this show in NYC and my mind was blown. I am a fan forever now.

I think the self portrait thing isn't a spoiler, but maybe that's just because I knew about it as I was on my way to the show and was still blown away by it.

There's a great This American Life story about a woman pretending to be Cindy Sherman at that same exhibit in NYC, and they interview Cindy Sherman about it. Might be a lighthearted intro? Honestly, I think her work really speaks for itself!
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Yeah in-person with the photos is entirely the best, if that is at all possible. <3 Cindy Sherman.
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Does your friend enjoy documentaries? Guest of Cindy Sherman is an interesting one that doesn't require any familiarity with or pre-existing interest in Sherman, as it's as much about the New York art scene and the relationship between Sherman and Paul H-O, a wannabe art world celebrity, as it is about Sherman herself.
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It's not Cindy-only, but Inverted Odysseys covers her, along with Maya Deren and the much-less-known Claude Cahun, who did some thematically similar work much earlier, so might provide a nice branching-off point if she ends up liking Sherman's. (For Cahun, Don't Kiss Me is great.)
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The catalogue from Sherman's recent show at MOMA is a pretty extensive look at her career and contains a great interview with Sherman by John Waters.
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Art21 featured a nice segment on Sherman in the episode Transformation. It's relatively short and online, so I think it would be a great introduction to her work.
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