specific products for keeping hands warm while typing
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What specific gloves or hand warmers have you used to keep your hands and fingers warm while typing in a chilly room?

I can stay pretty warm in a chilly office with an electric throw and a heating pad on my footrest - but my hands are still cold.

There are lots of recommendations on AskMe about using fingerless gloves or hand warmers, but few specifics.

What specific products have you used and liked to keep your hands and fingers warm and nimble while typing in a cold room?

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I like the kind of fingerless gloves that have light compression -- it keeps the finger tubes from rubbing together and bunching up. I think they are mostly made for arthritis pain.

But overall I prefer a heated desk pad, like this one, so that my fingers can fly free: https://www.amazon.com/Digital-Keyboard-Shut-Off-Electric-Accessories/dp/B0CG94CFFB/ref=sr_1_3_sspa
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The specific hand warmer I use is the Human Creations Energy Flux Enduro, but I bought it in 2019, and it is no longer in stock. If I was going to buy another, I would get the Celestron Elements Firecel+.

They're not ideal and you have to swap back and forth. Will be watching this thread. Already love the idea of a heated desk pad more.
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I use exactly the arthritis compression gloves mentioned by OrangeDisk above. I also keep a pair near my chair where I relax and knit as well as in my nightstand for bedtime reading.
The compression seems to help keep my fingers warm even tho exposed.
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I go a little more low-tech with keeping my hands warm. I use sweat bands, such as tennis players wear. They seem to come in two sizes; the longer ones work better. My mom's hands are always cold, and she uses these to warm up, too.
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I use these heated fingerless gloves. They're a little too fuzzy & thick for me, but I prefer them to unheated fingerless gloves. There are two heat levels and I find the higher level too hot after a little while. You can also flip the gloves over if you want to heat your palms vs. the backs of your hands. Only downside is that I use them when using a desktop machine and I wish the cords were a little longer so that I could tuck them under my keyboard and out evenly at the front.
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I've bought cheap e-gloves at costco and cut the fingertips off. I also have really heavy fleece lined ones for outdoors drawing but those are probably overkill for typing.
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I have tried various fingerless gloves, both cutting fingers off of premade gloves and buying premade fingerless gloves. None of them have satisfied because of ribbing, cording, etc. they tend to irritate the skin between my fingers. What worked for me was a custom-made pair of fingerless wool gloves knitted using fingering weight yarn. I spent a lot of my life thinking that I could not wear wool, and it turned out that actually I simply needed to try different types of wool. Problem solved.
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I can heartily recommend these gloves I found on Etsy:


They are soft and cover the hands well above the wrists.
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I’ve got these gloves and really like them. I believe the company is owned by a Mefite.

They are a full glove with a battery to warm all up your fingers. You can also operate a touch screen with them.
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I use the fingerless gloves from B.B.Sheep. They're warm and I can actually type in them.
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I wear these merino wool fingerless gloves most of the year because otherwise my hands get so cold that they ache. I love them.
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Alternatively, my favorite gloves for desk work in a cold room turned out to be homemade by cutting finger holes in old crew socks. I thought it was a prototype: if the concept worked I'd spring for actual fingerless gloves. But I was so happy with how well it worked I just kept using them! You could sure start there and see how you feel.
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Thirding the exact fingerless gloves OrangeDisk linked.
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I use fingerless gloves, but the ones without anything between your fingers.
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