Is there a way to get non-medical thiamine (B1) injections?
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I remember fifteen years ago getting some sort of B vitamin injections at a Curves gym for weight loss, which makes me think they can be provided non medically, and maybe B1 is one of them. Am I right? If so, is that still true? And where can I find them now?

For those who saw my previous question, yes, this is for the person with the severe thiamine deficiency who is reluctant to see actual medical help. Apparently oral thiamine may be unhelpful at their level of deficiency.
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I think what you’re looking for is called ‘IV vitamin therapy.’ It’s a popular wellness treatment: Link

B vitamins seem particularly popular!
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Would this person be willing to see a naturopath? At least where I am, they would be able to do this.
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Beauty/medical spa places will have this.
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If you continue to want to investigate efficacy of different treatments, a very relevant question to ask is the "bioavailability" of whatever it is that you're investigating.
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