U.S. Citizenship Gift Ideas?
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Looking for good ideas for gifts for some friends who are becoming U.S. Citizens.

My wife's colleague and her husband are becoming citizens soon, and are having a little party to celebrate. They're both (I believe) from Russia, but have been living in the States for a long time now already. Artsy-fun-intellectual types with young children. What are some appropriate gift ideas for this occasion? We've considered a good local bottle of wine or a nice bottle of bourbon, but we're not sure what they drink, so we're shying away from that for now. We're also considering picking up a selection of nice spices for barbecuing, but we're looking for other ideas. Thank you!
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A National Parks Service America the Beautiful Annual Pass is $80 and allows free entry to thousands of federal lands for the holder and everyone in their vehicle.
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When biscotti took US citizenship I got her:

A cake with this picture on it (Abe Lincoln riding a bear and holding an M4 labeled "The Emancipator") and the nice people at the supermarket added "AMERICA!" to the top and I added "FUCK YEAH!" in sugar letters to the bottom.

A big foam Uncle Sam hat that I affixed the word CITIZEN in glittery stick-on letters onto so that the people at the polling place would not give her any guff about whether she was a citizen or not. Comically large foam cowboy hats would also work.
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What about a US map where you can scratch off each state as you visit them? Even if they’re not trying to visit all 50, it might be a cute gift.
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Okay I'll admit that when a friend of mine became a citizen, I went overboard with MERICA!!!! type gifts. Basically I raided the 4th of July section of a party store, akin to this stuff.
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What about a nicely framed reproduction of Jasper John's map of America (since they're arty types).

American snack of the month.

If they are homeowners, maybe a flag pole set for their house with an American flag?
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The US Federal Government has a public-facing bookstore, where you can order books from.

They have printed copies of The Constitution of the United States, and the Decleration of Independence for sale. $2 each, and you need to order three or more. Shipping is free.

It might be fun to get copies for your friends - maybe even one for each party goer attending!
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Abraham Lincoln Merica T-Shirt

"Our Abraham Lincoln Merica t-shirt is epic. This rave t-shirt features the 16th president of the United States wildding out. In the design Abraham Lincoln is riding a t-rex who wears USA colored glasses. In his hands Abraham holds beers and pistols. The coolest thing about the design is the eagle resting on his shoulder. Now you can become patriotic in our Abraham Lincoln t-shirt."
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Mod note: One deleted; please just offer your own ideas rather than critique other suggestions. Thanks.
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Passport cover. Any 3.5" by 5.5" notebook cover will work too. There are plenty on Etsy.
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When my colleague become a citizen, I made him an apple pie.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers all! You rock!
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