What new car should I get?
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I am looking for a new car to replace my mercedes compact suv. More inside

What car should I get?

I have. 2021 Mercedes gla suv. While I love it, I bought it with my ex husband who wanted an SUV for camping. We split, I kept the car, I don't camp. I've been thinking of selling it bc I don't need such a fancy, large car. And the gas mileage is bad. It is a compact SUV but parking could still be easier on the street and in my own parking spot with a smaller car. What car should I get? I think I want a 4 door/compact sedan or hatchback type car. I LOVED my 2015 Honda Fit but I had back problems from commuting a long distance in it. My commute now is short so that shouldn't be a problem, but alas, Honda no longer makes the Fit. I would like a comfortable (driver seat--don't care about back seat), safe, not too big car. Electric is 100% not an option as I rent my apartment in the city and have nowhere to charge. I want to buy a new car only. I'm willing to wait it out if supply chain is a problem. I already know I do not like the Mini Cooper or Fiat bc I don't think they're comfortable and the drive feels extremely bumpy.
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Have you looked at a Prius (non-plug-in)? I think that would meet your criteria.
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Unfortunately, you're probably not getting anything new that's appreciably smaller than a GLA, assuming you're in the US. Small cars don't sell well in the US market and manufacturers have largely stopped offering them, with the exception of MINI (and the bulk of MINI sales are their largest model).

GLA - 173.6 x 72.2 (L x W, inches, width excludes mirror)

Kia Soul - 165 x 71 (smallest I'd recommend, probably closest in character to your Fit)

Toyota Corolla - 183 x 70
Toyota Corolla Cross - 176 x 72

Honda Civic Hatchback - 179 x 71
Honda HR-V - 180 L x 72 W

FYI your 2015 Fit was definitely smaller (160 x 67)

I'd make a decision on a couple other factors - for example, in terms of "feel" you might prefer a Honda or Toyota, and the Corolla Cross is available with a hybrid, which will be more more efficient for city/suburb driving than your GLA. You may also just want out of the Mercedes because it feels more like something your ex would buy than something you would buy. Totally reasonable IMHO. Or you could just live with the Mercedes because it's already taken a big hit on the depreciation curve, might as well enjoy it. But smaller isn't really out there anymore.
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FYI the prius is 180 x 70, 6 inches longer (but 2 inches narrower) than the GLA
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You might like Car Sized, a web site where you can compare car sizes very easily. Sadly, everythings_interrelated is right in that there aren't many US new cars that are much smaller. I love small cars, and it's getting grim out there.
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I’m also looking at small cars and if you are sticking to new my list gets narrowed down to:
Lexus IS - wiki
BMW 2 Series - wiki

Both are comfortable smaller cars that get good reviews. Obviously the fancy Toyota will be mor3 reliable over the long term.
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I had a Honda hybrid, great mileage, perfectly fine car. I am on my 2nd Prius and could easily get evangelical about it. Great mileage, comfortable, nicely designed. There's a slightly small version for commuters with even better mileage. I now have the larger V, and mileage is less great, but I got it to camp in. Toyota hybrids are excellent for camping and really nice cars.
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VW Golf?
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My dad had a 2020 Kia K5 GT (I think the GT) before he passed. It looked small, but was a good size inside. It's fun as hell to drive. I wish I could have kept it, but couldn't afford the payments.
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Look into the Mazda line-up! Maybe a Mazda3 or CX-3? They're relatively inexpensive, the interiors are really nice, the base models come with great features, and they appear to be quite reliable. I'm about to buy a CX-30 myself, which is a taller Mazda3, basically. (I live in a rural area, so the ground clearance matters.)

Contemporary Mazda seems to be a very cool car company.
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I like my subaru impreza hatchback. Nice little car, safe and reliable. Mileage isn't spectacular, but it's all-wheel drive so I can drive through snow. This is my first car that isn't a honda civic, they were also good cars but seem to have gotten all blinged up in the last few years.
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