Hotel/B&B Raleigh/Apex NC area late October?
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Visiting the folks who live in Apex, NC mid/late October.

Looking for a place for 4 adults. Cool hotel would work in Raleigh/Cary area. Downtown Raleigh walkable to Cup A Joes would be ideal. Durham/Chapel Hill too far.

3/4 of group went to NCSU but haven’t spent time there in years. Not thrilled with recent air b&b experiences and willing to pay for some comfort - bars/restaurants walkable.
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Do you have a budget or expected budget in mind? Or, another way to ask might be where are on on the spectrum of: are you looking for a hotel that on its own is "an experience" or "clean and safe place to sleep". That might help narrow down some suggestions.
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Good point above. Just for the NCSU-alums: Sadlack's Heroes is gone lo these past 10 years or so, but that spot (right across Hillborough from the Belltower) now hosts an Aloft hotel (a Marriott brand) and Gonza Tacos y Tequila (a 4-location local chain for Mexican food and drinks). Mitch's is still there. Cameron Village is still very walkable from there, but they changed the name so your NCSU-alum pals should try to say "Village District" instead.

I know nothing of Aloft, but I would take anyone and their mother to Gonza. Including my own mother :)

And it's just under a mile to Cup A Joe (also on Hillsborough, which is sounds like you know). I used to favor the location down in Mission Valley, but they closed that location during Covid and I don't know when/if it's coming back.

If you're open to having to drive in to the NCSU environs, I've heard nothing but complimentary things about The Umstead in Cary. Quiet little boutique hotel off of the Harrison Ave exit on I-40, just south of the entrance to Umstead Park. I've never stayed there but everyone who has raved about it. There's also an Embassy Suites on the other side of Harrison, if you need space + breakfast + happy hours all included :)
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Apex is Apex - you'll want to stay in Raleigh proper for the walkable NCSU experience, assuming you have a car to get out to the folks.

It looks like the iconic round Holiday Inn on Hillsborough is still taking reservations - the rooms are older, but this may be your one chance to stay at it before it's torn down. The Aloft is likely nicer, or at least a bit more posh.

The Umstead is swank for a good splurge.
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Depending on when you/your friends graduated from NCSU, you might find that stretch of Hillsborough St. a bit of a letdown these days. If you decide that just a day trip to that area is enough to satisfy the college nostalgia, I would recommend considering downtown Cary as a base of operations. The historic Mayton Inn is within easy walking distance of Downtown Cary Park and several great bars and restaurants, including my personal favorites , Sidebar , The Walk Up, Pizzeria Faulisi, and Hank's Downtown Dive. You're an easy, non-highway drive from there to any part of Apex.
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