How to make 2016 Outlook look like 2003?
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Forced to upgrade after 20 years of service.

2016 Outlook is a visual insult to my older eyes and the change in menu presentation only exacerbates an already virus addled mind.
I've attempted changes to layout following online searches, but can't get the column headings and message fonts an acceptable size or non boldness. The color theme, or lack of the old style, is also particularly harsh.
If you know specific steps on how to tweak 2016 Outlook further like 2003, please share.
There's an app sold on line that can apparently 'make' 2016 Outlook look like 2003. Does anyone in Mefi land have experience with this? Or others they recommend that address this 21st c conundrum?
Thanks for any help!
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I don't have direct advice to give you except to say that the Outlook client you are using is at a dead end. Microsoft is abandoning the traditional Outlook desktop client on Windows. In its place will be a a new client alternatively known as One Outlook or Project Monarch. If you are familiar with Office 365 web mail, this client will be intuitive as much of the same user experience will be in place regardless of the platform you are on (windows, mac, web or mobile).

This new client isn't fully released yet and won't be made mandatory for a few years probably but eventually you will need to change.
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