Cheap daily parking rates near LAX Airport?
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Parking at LAX: Any cheaper 3rd-party options that are good and won't make me late to my plane? (need to park for 3 days). I'll take suggestions for Burbank, too, just for future reference.
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Lot B on Aviation, a long block south of Century Blvd is $8/day. The shuttle runs consistently (often filled with LAX employees) and it's about 5 minutes away.
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How about Fly Away? They are in Burbank, leave your car there, they do the driving to LAX. They have a new service out of Union Station, if you can get a ride there and keep your car at home.

I've heard Parking Spot is good, also.
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Whenever I fly out of LAX, I always park in Lot B. (I used to be one of those LAX employees minkll mentions, so I have a couple years' experience taking the B bus.) I highly recommend it if you live farther away than a taxi ride that costs $8*X/2 (where X = the number of days you'll be parked in the lot.)
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I've always used the Spot. More expensive than the lots, but their shuttles run every 5 minutes, so you never have to worry about being late. If you park on their rooftop, its cheaper.
Also, when you returne still, err, under the influence of your vacation, it's easy to find a giant yellow polka-dot van.
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105 Airport Parking. Follow the coupon online for one free day.

I call them when I'm gathering my last bag at baggage claim, and I've never had to wait more than a few minutes at the curb.
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I always use the Parking Spot also. I use the one on Sepulveda, not the Century one. That's the only thing to be aware of when you're getting on one at the airport - there are two locations so you have to be sure to be on the right bus.
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