Replacement for digits?
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The New York Times beta for Digits has gone dark. What's next?

Digits was a late but welcome addition to our daily puzzle suite. We like that it's mathy, (surprising is who were told we weren't good at math) and really liked the UI.

(For those unaware, it was a set of 6 numbers, and a target number you had to reach using the 6 numbers once- you could add, subtract, multiply or divide. Very similar to the number puzzle from Countdown.)

We already do Nerdle, this scratched a different itch. It was nice to be able to try things without penalty.

Other daily puzzles we enjoy are: Wordle, worldle, globle, globle capitals, versle, and nerdle.

What's the digits replacement?
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Numble sounds very similar!
posted by RandomUsername at 12:33 AM on August 8, 2023 [4 favorites]

oh thank you RandomUsername... at least it's something (and thank you for asking freethefeet)
posted by kokaku at 1:21 AM on August 8, 2023 get as many digits adjacent as possible. Score is based on number of connections to the same digit times the digit value.
posted by eviemath at 5:45 AM on August 8, 2023

I really loved Digits too, and I'm sorry it's gone. The concept is very similar to a British show called Countdown -- using that term might help with your search.
posted by kate blank at 10:50 AM on August 8, 2023

Mathler is a bit harder becasue you can't use parenthesis.
posted by soelo at 12:54 PM on August 8, 2023

This is the closest thing I've found to the original NYT Digits game.
posted by andrewmc at 9:02 AM on January 3

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