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I'm visiting San Antonio this week for work and will have time to explore during the evenings. I'd like to check out the neighborhood(s) that I would live if I had to live there (this is an exercise, I don't have plans to move to SA) . Details inside. Not sure if this place exists, but something close would be nice to check out:

I'm a big fan of "street car" suburbs-- (need not actually be an actual suburb) housing built prior to World War II, some main streets with a coffee shop, bar or restaurants, sidewalks on both sides of the streets, maybe built in a grid fashion. Ideally populated with many young families and with at least decent elementary schools. Could be gentrifying, maybe adjacent to downtown.

Is there anything in San Antonio that approximates that? King William seems like the best bet
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I don't know San Antonio very well, but the last time I was there (a few years ago) I stayed in a place a few blocks north of this coffee shop near San Pedro Springs Park. We didn't have a car, it was easy to walk or catch a bus to downtown. I have no idea what it is like to actually live there.
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Best answer: I assume you've considered this, but in case you haven't, south Texas is in the middle of a deadly heat wave at the moment. Forecast temps reach 104 Fahrenheit every day next week. In those conditions, "walkability" is a highly relative thing.
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Best answer: King William is considered to be downtown if it matters to you. The San Pedro Park area is a good idea, I agree (check out the classic pool if it’s open), but as a native I’d say King William is about as close as it gets. I am from another part of Monte Vista, essentially the same neighborhood as San Pedro Park, but the area around my house (Bushnell Ave.) is too lame, do not recommend.
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The young and hip also live around the gorgeous historic Jefferson High School, much, much more affordable than King William, but about that pedestrian district…that’s really asking a lot back home. It’s more like, hey, a café opened between 1/4 and 1/2 mile away from my place, cool! And some of the streets have sidewalks on the way there.
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Monte Vista/Midtown is a good option. A few spots I'd recommend are Extra Fine for coffee/breakfast/lunch/baked goods, La Fonda on Main for Mexican, and Barbaro for pizza. But yeah, it is crazy hot right now. Maybe keep the walks short and highly hydrated.
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