Cocktail bars in Minneapolis
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Hi! Please tell me about your favorite bars serving excellent cocktails in Minneapolis. Thank you!
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I don’t live in Minneapolis, so there are probably better/cooler options that I don’t know about, but I once went to the Back Bar at Young Joni and really enjoyed it! The pizza is also really good.
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Some of the best cocktail bars in Minneapolis are affiliated with restaurants. Definitely seconding the Back Bar.
Gori Gori Peku
Basement Bar at Sooki & Mimi
the bar at Fhima’s
Underground Bar at Maison Margaux (I haven't been, but my sister says it's great)
Snack Bar
the bar at Mara
the bar at Spoon & Stable
The Monte Carlo
rooftop of The Hewing
Elusive (part of a distillery)
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Billy's After Dark. Also Eater just published a list of sexy new ones.
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I would just note that the Monte Carlo will feel very old school compared to a lot of the others listed—it’s an older more family-leaning crowd. Great martinis though!
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I like Bar Rufus at the Rand Hotel [beautiful Art Deco treasures and uplifting design] on Marquette
On the fifth [I think] floor is a delicious French restaurant which also serves cocktails - Blondette, which has a retractable roof allowing you to see some lovely views of the architecture.
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HaiHai for a fab food/ cocktail combo. I just love it there.

And if you like a piano in a bar with a past, I love Nye’s. Beware, their cocktails are very strong and their happy hour is thus very happy .
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Seconding Nye's. Former polka bar, great crowd.
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Whenever someone tells me that they're going to visit Minneapolis, where I lived about 25 years ago, I always recommend Nye's. Such a fun place. Order the relish tray with your cocktails!
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