Resturants that deliver to the Boston Logan Hilton
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We are staying two nights at the Boston Logan Hilton Hotel (the one attached to the airport), one on each end of a long trip. Can you recommend any places that will deliver dinner to us at the hotel (lobby or out front is fine)? Kid-friendly a must, something like decent pizza would be fine.

We're looking for alternatives to dining in the onsite restaurant so we can eat dinner in our room, and were wondering if there's something better than room service. Any good places nearby that would deliver? We are fine to use Door Dash or some other third party service but we don't use them at home so not sure if they work at hotels; the Trip Advisor reviews on this are mixed (and none mention places to order from). The most recent question on this is from 2018 so I'm assuming there are updates since then. (If you have recently stayed there and know for a fact that you can get takeout at the restaurant that would be good to know too! Or if there's some great food we can grab in the airport after our flight to take and eat. We still need to be covid cautious as much as we can and dining indoors is something we are avoiding for this trip.)
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No specific answers, but you can download the DoorDash app and enter the hotel's address as the delivery location - it will show you the places that will deliver via DD. If you don't want to download the app I think (but am not 100% positive) you can also do this via the web. DD will almost certainly meet you in the lobby of any hotel, there should be no issues there.
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Don't know what the 2018 version of this question says, but you might try Santarpio's in East Boston. Generally well-regarded pizza and in the same part of the city as the airport (only a mile or so away), so my guess is that they would deliver to the Logan Hilton quickly and without issue.
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Best answer: Santarpios was my first thought too but at least their online ordering says they do not deliver to the hotel address.
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Yes, all the gig delivery services work just fine at hotels - Doordash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, etc. I prefer to put a note that I'll meet them in the lobby rather than having them come to my room, or you can have it left at the front desk (though it could walk off if you do that).

ChowNow is entirely opt-in by restaurants and so is a more ethical but more limited option.

If you want to be even more ethical, find something that looks good on the gig apps and then see if you can find the restaurant's real website and see if they have their own/preferred service. In the end they may still use gig drivers, but I always use the one they most strongly advocate if I can.

Unless this is a very weird hotel, with unusual security and/or architecture, nobody will even blink at delivering to a hotel. I put in the street address of the hotel and then add "Boston Logan Hilton" in the Address2 field and also in the delivery instructions. I do include my room number in the instructions but make it clear "room number is #422 if they ask but I will wait for you in the lobby near the main doors".
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Best answer: Actually Doordash and Ubereats say they don't deliver to that address either... I suspect deliveries on airport grounds (and this particular hotel is connected to the terminal via covered walkway) are particularly fraught. Not a hotel problem, an airport problem.

Lots of places to get food (including takeout) in the airport itself but exactly what's available will depend on what terminal you're in.
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Best answer: I'd expect that the hotel itself would have a list of recommended restaurants, or other ideas.
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Best answer: The reluctance to deliver to the airport hotels is probably due to multiple tolls back and forth that, if added to your meal, would hurt your wallet. Maybe they can't even charge you for the tolls? Anyway, there's a Legal Seafood in most of the terminals. I think the one in Terminal E (international arrivals & departures) is open the latest, but the one in Terminal B has the most options. Legals is good, definitely mostly seafood, but both of my kids were always able to find something they liked there (grilled chicken, burgers, etc.) -- and Boston cream pie. You could probably catch the shuttle and eat there or bring back take-away.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I haven't used Uber Eats or Door Dash so I didn't realize you could look up specific addresses like that, thank you! Tolls issue makes sense. Sounds like room service or airport takeout will be the best options.
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Best answer: Apologies if you know this but Bos2Go allows you to order ahead and have food packaged up for you when you go by it. These are all within the security perimeter so options depend on which gate you're going to be coming in at but there's a helpful filter. I haven't used it personally.
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