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I'd like to give someone a gift with a deer theme. Any suggestions?

It should be a female deer or fawn (no antlers), and a North American species like white-tailed or similar (not an ibex or gazelle etc). The deer could be reminiscent of Bambi or similar.
The person likes cute, pretty, ethereal, crafty, hipster things. Should feel like something beautiful, meaningful, symbolic, feminine, strong, keepsake, talismanic, possibly displayable.
Something with meaning to the recipient that could also be a conversation piece would be nice.
An art piece or pendant would be great, open to other ideas too.
Price range up to $200.
A physically small item is ok, but if it's expensive, I'd love its feeling to reflect that price, so possibly a bit larger would be better. I've seen beautiful 4 inch needle felted deer models on Etsy, which is a possibility I'm considering - and happy for recommendations along that line - but also, for $200, I'd kind of prefer something with a bit more size / noticeability / or made of more expensive materials like jewellery.
Thanks for any advice!
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This is a good place to start. Pretty good range of products and prices from the lovely to the tacky to the "seriously?"
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I have a vintage ceramic planter from the 50s featuring a cheeky fawn that I personally adore…and searching on Etsy for “vintage deer planter” turns up lord of cute stuff well under budget. You could also, of course, supply the plant!

This one is very similar to the one I have:
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Vintage pins and brooches can be worn as pendants and they make perfect display pieces as well. There are lots of beautiful vintage pins online, this one strikes me as particularly special.
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I used to work with someone who crocheted mounted animal heads. Like the mounted heads you'd see in a hunting lodge, but made of yarn instead of... dead animal parts. She was really good and her animals were quite realistic.
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Wearable art, as a hand-carved hair accessory? (can be re-sized, per Etsy listing)
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