Sunday night dinner in or near Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, CO?
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I'm going to be in Denver and staying in the cherry creek neighborhood, and am meeting a friend who is also not from Denver Sunday evening. What restaurant(s) would the good inhabitants of Denver recommend? One pescatarian (leaning towards veggie) and one omnivore, assume we want to stay under $100/person, but we don't need fancy
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Best answer: The Cherry Cricket is always a great choice. It's burgers but they are AMAZING and they do have Impossible Burger options -
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Best answer: Lots of chains in the area. I think Hillstone is a nice choice. Cherry Cricket has wildly uneven reviews. Some love it and some do not.
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Best answer: Hillstone.
Quality Italian.
Sol Cocina.
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Cherry creek is kind of a mall/country club zone that isn’t known for really unique food. I would go downtown or to the south broadway area and you will find great restaurants by the dozen compared to that area.
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Best answer: Agree that Cherry Creek won't be the most unique or adventurous eating. This is not a place locals go to hang out for interesting eats, generally. However, maybe you just want to be close to where you're staying and avoid travel, which I totally get. If that's the case, here's a couple places I've had good meals at (I'm veg, but usually dining with omnivores):

True Food Kitchen A lot of healthy options, though I found everything pretty delicious. Nice little patio if you can snag a spot.

Machete Tacos & Tequila This will be a looser vibe, and the tacos are pretty great. I'm more familiar with their Colfax location, but presumably the food is the same (delicious)

Hillstone is national restaurant, but their veggie burger is delicious. Great dirty martini, too, if you partake.

North Italia, another chain but pretty good food.

And one more that I haven't eaten at: Narrative The menu looks delicious and the reviews are good.

Have fun and drink lots of water!
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sam's no 3 is not far and is where i always go in denver.
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I would go to Fortune Wok to Table if I were in your shoes.
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Best answer: Plenty of great suggestions already- Blue Oyster has decent seafood, and Culinary Dropout isn’t far and is fun and tasty, my son had salmon and didn’t share (a win!) Flower Child is great vegetarian if convenience trumps Fauna Based Protein preferences-they are very good. Check menus -you have a lot of delicious opportunities!
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Best answer: Blue Island Oyster Bar and Seafood in Cherry Creek
Fruition nearby.
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Best answer: If you like tacos and/or margaritas, I cannot endorse Machete highly enough. I worked at Cherry Creek mall for a few years and Machete was my favorite spot.
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Best answer: Cherry Creek Grill, without question. And be sure to get the grilled artichokes!
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Having spent an afternoon, I see what many of you meant by it being a very shopping centric neighborhood. Still, both the jackfruit taco and the corn/zucchini one at Machete were excellent, and sol cochina was solid.
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