Android app for QR code restaurant menus without installed browser?
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I keep the browser uninstalled on my android phone to limit distraction, and it is mostly OK except when I go to a restaurant with a QR code menu I'm out of luck. I would love an app which scans QR codes and shows the menu, but doesn't include a fully-functioning browser. Ideally I would also be able to order from the app, but at least I want to be able to see the menu. Does such an app exist, or any other ideas?
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The QR code will be an URL, which Android will hand off to the browser. No browser, no joy.
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Best answer: any other ideas?

Ask the restaurant staff for a physical menu. Only the most jaded of establishments won't have a printed copy on hand. For accessibility reasons, they should have one.
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You can use your camera app to scan the QR code, copy the menu URL, and then paste it into an app that has a built-in browser. Feedly has one, for example. Paprika, the recipe app, is another.
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If I were in your position, I would just download a browser and uninstall it when I leave the restaurant. I do it all the time with Discord - I don’t want it on my phone because I check it too often, but once in a while I take a photo I want to share, so I install, post, and uninstall it again.
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Best answer: One option is to install a browser, install "Lock Me Out", put in a rule that sets your browser access to 15 minutes every 8 hours, and you'll be able to use your browser very occasionally, for things like this. You can even add another rule that blocks the browser all the time when you're at home, or during work hours or other times you are pretty sure you're not going to be needing to scan QR codes. Lock Me Out is free if you only need to set a couple rules.
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Just ask for a paper menu. If you feel the need for more explanation, tell them your phone's browser is broken. Or carry an old flip phone around, point to it, and tell them you need a paper menu.
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