powdered apple cider recipe?
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Recipe for powdered apple cider mix?

A gal I used to work with gave out little jars of her homemade apple cider mix during the holidays last year, and it was really, really tasty - sweet and spicy and apple-y. I have scoured everywhere I know to look for a recipe to make my own, and I have come up with nothing. There are plenty of recipes out there for mulled cider starting with apple juice or bottled apple cider, but what I want is to mix up a batch of powdered cider I can dip into whenever it gets chilly and I want something more interesting than tea.
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I think those drinks start with apple tea or, as that page calls it "powdered granulated fruit drink" it's really popular in Turkey, so I'd suggest your local Turkish grocer if you are lucky enough to have one and then start with the mulling additives from there.
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You may also be able to find powdered cider mix at your local grocery store.
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Could you not just make the mulled cider you were talking about and boil it down all the way? I'd imagine that if you scraped up everything that was left, you'd basically have powdered cider mix.

Then again, that may end up being disgusting.
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the boiling would probably make apple cider syrup. and it would probably be disgusting.
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I can practically guarantee that she bought it that way. Which is great news, because you can too!

Unless it involved the patient grinding of dehydrated apples. Otherwise I can't think of any "homemade" way to get apples into powdered form at all.

Perhaps by "homemade she meant she took regular apple cider mix and added her own seasonings.
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I guess I should have explicitly stated that I wanted to make something better than the apple cider powder packets you find at the grocery store. Thank you so much for the recommendation about the Turkish apple juice powder - I'm going to check out a couple nearby international groceries today to see if I can get my hands on some! If I manage to concoct a good brew, I'll be sure to share my recipe.
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