Is there a fennec fox sanctuary anywhere in North Africa I can pet them?
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I've held a koala, a quokka, a wombat and a baby kangaroo. I'd like to do meet a fennect fox next. Where's there a sanctuary in the world - ideally close to their native habitat - where I can do that?
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Looks like you can have a "fennec fox experience at this place in Georgia.
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Ah, sorry, I misread your question and missed the fact that you want to go see them near their natural habitat. The link I provide above does not fit that bill.
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It should be noted that fennec foxes are kept as pets in the US, so is the purpose to support them in their native habitat or to pet one?
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I googled around in French for fennec fox sanctuaries in north Africa - I did not find any. Per this photographer (p14), it is trivially easy to find a captive fennec fox and pet it in Morocco - but the foxes do not like to be pet or to be in captivity.
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You are going to find many more abusive opportunities to do this than non-abusive ones (if there are any). This is not something that I, personally, would be trying to do.
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It’s not an animal that naturally wants to be pet, and so any circumstance where you want to pet it is going to be inherently unnatural.
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