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I must find the most fox-like dogs that exist!

Points given for breed names and links to photos! Yes, I have seen the tamed silver foxes, which are adorable.
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Have you seen Granted hes not a fox... but you probably won't be disappointed.
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Shiba Inu?
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I think shiba inu wins, but my first thought was basenji.
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My dog! (But she's a mutt -- chow, shepherd, other.)
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Check out the schipperke's "fox-like face" per AKC.
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No dog I've ever heard of has a tail like a fox. But there are some whose heads and snouts are similar, as mentioned above.
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Shiba Inu! (Love mine and people ALWAYS say she looks like a fox)
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My Sheltie looked very much like a fox when he was a puppy. Of course, when his shaggy adult fur grew in, he looked less so -- though his face was still very foxy. These two Sheltie puppies aren't mine, but should give you the idea.
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Best answer: Finnish Spitz?
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Where foxiness = sharp muzzle, erect and large ears, reddish coat with cream points, and fluffy tail, Shiba Inu would be my first pick, Canaan Dog my second.
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Icelandic sheepdog?
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Our dog, which we suspect is a spitz-chow mix, is pretty foxy. She'd be even more so if we put her on a proper diet. She's eighteen.
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I knew a girl who had a Corgi crossed with a fox. It was the damn most regal and cunning looking dog I ever did see. It looked smart enough to do crossword puzzles.
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Sorry this is not more helpful, but if it's just images of fox-type dogs you want (i.e., you're not trying to actually get the dog), there was an interesting show on the evolution of dogs on PBS not too long ago. It showed some footage of a Soviet scientist "making" dogs out of foxes through selective breeding, in a time span of a dozen or so generations. Boy, were they cute.

On review, maybe that's the tamed silver foxes you refer to in your OP?
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Response by poster: Ooh some good color matches, but most of these dogs lack the spry cattiness of foxes.

The Shiba Inus are pretty nice, but they're a bit too stubby. Some of the Shelties have nice pointed faces like foxes, but fail on most other counts.

The Finnish Spitz is the winner so far, having a good pointy nose, being quite slender and possessing an adequate ruddy color.

Rykey: that is indeed the silver fox to which I was referring. There's video of them being adorable.
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How about the Shikoku?
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The fennec fox can apparently be domesticated and are sold as pets - there's also a pair in my local zoo, so I guess they're something inbetween a pet and a wild animal.
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I saw a pet fennec in a bar on Thursday. Yes, it made me double-take as well. It fit the 'it's not a dog, not a cat, so must be a fox' visual identification, though it mainly just wanted its big lugs petted.
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