Where is this excellent takedown of the moral panic over trans athletes?
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At some point in the last couple of years, a comment on Metafilter linked to a fantastic essay posted on Facebook. The essay painstakingly explained why the ongoing moral panic over transgender athletes is ludicrous bullshit. It was very detailed, but now I remember almost none of those details! Can anyone point me back to that essay?
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Best answer: not quite what you described, but some comments I found insightful:
. allium cepa on rights and responsibilities
. not on Facebook, but "Either/Or" at the New Yorker
. fight or flight on trans athletes
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Response by poster: Yes!! Thanks adekllny, the essay in question was linked by DrMew in the third link you provided. The essay's author is Sam Sharpe.

Here is the facebook link I mentioned, and it looks like the same essay (or an edited version) has also been published by the Genetics Society of America.
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[What an excellent article! Thank you both!]
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