Problems with Spotify queue spontaneously clearing itself
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So, if I give Spotify ten bucks a month, will I be able to use the queue?

So I've been using Spotify for a while now and I am usually happy with it, except when I'm not. The problem I've experienced is that Spotify tends to clear out my queue of songs without warning, often after just two or three songs. This, as you can imagine, is very frustrating. I have a free account, which means commercials. I've noticed a pattern where these spontaneous dumpings tend to happen after a commercial break. I'm wondering if going to a premium account will solve this issue or if I'll just be paying for the same sucktacity.

Technical details: This is an old PC running Windows 10. Intel Pentium 2.41 GHz. 8 GB of RAM.

Please let me know what you think. Will going premium solve my problems? Is there a technical issue I've overlooked? Thanks for your time.
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I have premium and haven't experienced any ongoing issues with Spotify clearing my queue, although it's occasionally not great at moving the queue over if I switch between listening on two different devices. Unfortunately, I don't recall if it was a problem for me prior to upgrading, as I didn't use the queue very much with my free account.
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I'd sign up for their free trial of the paid service and if that doesn't fix it, cancel your subscription and troubleshoot the problem from there.
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Try making a playlist rather than just queueing up songs, then you can restart from where you stopped without hassle.
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Best answer: Are you using the web player or a dedicated app? Maybe the problem is related to one or the other. Try switching to see if it helps.
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My wife pays for spotify and complains about this happening all the time. I don't use spotify though so I can't confirm myself.
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure you can only make a playlist in the app, not on the web player, just FYI.

As a recent Spotify premium convert, I can confirm that the free version is pretty janky compared to the paid service.
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I make playlists in the web player frequently and I only have a free account. It's what I would recommend for keeping songs in order. I have a list of songs just to try out. (It doesn't always keep good track of where you are in the list if you have to come back and reload the page though.)
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Response by poster: Follow-up-- using the web player fixed the problem.
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