Saturday night Seattle drinks question
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Hi! I used to live in Seattle, but the Seattle I lived in is loooooooong gone, so I need drink/eat recommendations.

My wife and I will be in Seattle next month, and we'll have a Saturday night free. We want to see a bunch of our friends, so we're going to put out a "hey come hang with us" call for anyone who wants to join.

I grew up in Seattle and lived there until 2002, and still go back once or twice a year, but it is a vastly different place now than it was then. Even though I know the city geographically and know how to get around, I need some recommendations as to where to actually get around to, because most of my/our favorite places are either gone or dramatically different now.


- we're staying by the Paramount
- we won't have a car and don't particularly want to uber/lyft anywhere
- Walking distance (20 min or so from the Paramount) would be ideal...
- ...although we are OK with taking transit, but want to stay in the downtown/belltown/LQA neighborhoods, since some of the friends we're wanting to see are going to a show at the Triple Door the later on the night we're there
- no live music/DJ; we're all going to see shows later that night/weekend anyway (music/jukebox is fine, I just don't want to have to shout to talk to people)
- We don't want/need anything fancy - nothing with a "drinks program" or where people feel compelled to IG their meal. Just a basic bar with decent food (any type) and good beer. We won't have any minors with us.

I'm thinking of places like Linda's or the Mecca, where we can just hang out and chill for a few hours, but we tend to go to those two fairly regularly when we're in town (two of the few places I remember that haven't changed all that much since my misspent 20's hahaha), so I'd love something different, but similar, if that's a thing. I don't know if there are similar places downtown/Belltown/LQA any more, so I'd love some suggestions.
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Best answer: It's very near the Paramount, but on the edge of Cap Hill, but maybe The Pine Box fits the bill? It's good for hanging out at for a while if there's not an event going on, excellent beer selection, solid pub fare, lends itself well to drop-in "come hang with us" seating...

One of my favorite spots in Seattle, currently. Only thing it's missing is Belltown/LQA proximity.
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Best answer: Seconding the Pine Box! Very chill, not fussy bar, and a super cool setting (it was once a funeral home). It’s a pretty easy walk to the Triple Door as well.
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Response by poster: Good to know about the Pine Box! When I left Seattle, it was still the funeral home, and I do love a mortuary-turned-bar type place.
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Best answer: If you're going towards Pine Box (tons of beers there), keep heading up Olive to get to Montana, Revolver, and Hillside - three great dive bars in a row with good music and cheap drinks. You'll probably run into me. Captain Black's just a little bit further has solid food too. This is all a 10 min walk from Paramount I'd say.

If you want to go to Belltown, I bet the Black Cat would be up your alley. Chill, big wood booths, good food (last I was there). Then it's a hop skip and a jump to either Screwdriver (amazing rock & roll bar in a basement) or up to Jupiter, which has tons of pinball and old arcade games. You could also try to find Cottontail, built from the remnants of a few other places.

Welcome back to Seattle!
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