Good thing she's so cute
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Often over the last few weeks, my cat leaves droplets when she's near me. Little clear globs on my keyboard, shirt, or pillow. Does she have a cold or is she just... drooling with happiness?

My healthy-acting 2 year old cat is leaving these little clear liquid gifts in her wake. When I look at her, I don't see anything on her nose. But I have been assuming that she has a runny nose.
She is eating normally and acting happy.Is there anything I should worry about?
I think it often happens when she's purring. But she purrs most of the time when she wants scritches, which is when she is most near me, which is when I would see drops on my keyboard or pillow.
What should I assume is going on other than cats are weird?

I called the vet, they did not give me any answers. They have no appointments for a month and this does not warrant the expensive emergency vet 100 miles from me.
Apologies for tax evasion but I don't know how to link photos from my phone.
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Best answer: Yes, she is very happy to be with you and is drooling. We had a cat that drooled when she was happy.
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Best answer: It’s drool. Mine does it too.
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Best answer: Totally normal. My boy Arlo drools when he purrs and makes biscuits, which usually happens on his favorite blanket.
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Best answer: Happy drool is absolutely a thing, and it's just as you described it. Kitty is fine, does not need a vet visit (not for this, anyway), and loves you very much.
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Best answer: Definitely drool. We have an inveterate drooler, never happier than when she is making it rain ON MY FACE.
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Best answer: The drool thing is pretty normal, but if this is a notable change for a cat who previously was not so drippy, it might be worth addressing the next time you’re at the vet. For one of my cats, a marked increase in drooling, while not a problem in itself, was a sign of dental problems.
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Best answer: It's totally normal, but next time you're at the vet ask them to check kitty's teeth just to be sure. No need to make a special trip though, as long as you're getting fairly regular checkups.

One of my cats has had all her teeth removed and she drools like it's her job. There are literally wet spots on my shirt after she's had her snuggle time. It's adorable, but also a little hard to explain... "uh yeah, these damp spots? cat drool. really. "
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Best answer: She’s drooling. I have a happy drooling cat too and it’s endearing and gross at the same time.
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Best answer: Kruimel did that for a while once she started appreciating contact with us (born feral, taken in when she was a year old), but over time it stopped again. It's now just the occasional cheek rub that's a bit wetter than normal.
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Best answer: I have one drooler and one no drooler. So nthing that she's very happy.
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Best answer: Please also count one of my boys as a member of the Metafilter drooly happy cats club. Oh my goodness, so many drips.
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Best answer: Yep, I am another mefite with one drooly and one non-drooly cat. Korben, the drooler, does have a lot of teeth problems though, and after he gets his teeth cleaned (and usually some extracted) he does drool noticeably less for a long while. Still only does it when he is relaxed and happy, though. The grossest is when he is trying to wake me up and looming over my face, starts purring, and drools up my nose. It’s a good thing he’s so cute.

Anyway, don’t worry. If you are super cautious and your cat is very tolerant, you could try getting him used to having his teeth brushed. They make cat specific toothpaste and brushes for this. My vet has given me freebies for Korben after ever tooth cleaning but we’ve never managed it. He is old though. Your cat is young enough that she might be more amenable to her person poking stuff around in her mouth.
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