Can you dig it? (The font, that is)
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Calling all font mavens: What is the name of the font used in the "Shaft" logo?

An example of the logo can be found here. I used WhatTheFont and looked through a bunch of free fonts, but I can't find it. I know I had something similar on my machine in the past, but it's gone now. Thanks in advance for any help you guys might be able to offer.

Bonus points for helping me find a free equivalent.
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You mean here.
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(1st page of google results btw)
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I was looking for Dimitri Swank. It's the third hit for "shaft movie font" and somehow I missed it. Thanks.
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I believe the original Shaft logo was hand-rendered by Ed Benguiat (but if I'm wrong, MetaDesignFilter people are going to kill me).

The face you're looking for is called Dimitri by Fontalicious.

Fontalicious seems to be kinda lame-d out now, so you might have to dig around for it...
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