Can you recommend a men’s tailor in Hong Kong?
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Can you recommend a men’s tailor in Hong Kong?

I will be lucky enough to be in Hong Kong for the first week of May and would like to get a couple of men’s business suits made.
I’m hoping to spend around USD170 - USD270 on each suit. My taste in cut is terribly conservative and I’m looking for a very classic single breasted, three button suit, one in navy and one in dark grey.
Does anyone have experience of Hong Kong tailors? If so, I would be very grateful for a recommendation. Also any advice on the process, fitting and any general advice would be gratefully received by this comparative novice. I’ve read every page of English Cut and lust after my first bespoke so no need for links there thank you.
I had a fitting with visiting Hong Kong tailor Raja Fashions several months ago in London but found that his affordable fabrics were simply horrible and the minute that you opted for a wearable fabric the cost sky-rocked to USD350. I’ve looked at Pierre Mohan but USD1499 for 3 suits is way too steep for me! All help gratefully received.
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See this thread. Also check out the Ask Andy forums and the forums.
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I got some shirts at "The Power Company" that were nice, and I think they could hit your price point for suits.

Michael Chui
g/F., 8B, Fenwick St., Wanchai
Hong Kong
mobile: 9676 1873

...and you could email him with questions:
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