Points for a comparison essay between Apollo and Dionysus?
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Points for a comparison essay between Apollo and Dionysus?

I have a classics exam coming, and I've had some trouble finding points comparing Apollo and Dionysus. Are there any resources around that summarize the arguments on this topic?
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Nietzsche first identified the opposition between the Apollonian and the Dionysian as quintessential to classical Greek thought. Apollo: order, harmony, individualism, rational. Dionysus: disorder, rampant group experience, irrational. But, as Nietzsche understood, this opposition is a way of describing a totality, a way of defining the opposites -- opposites which exist together, uneasily, but together nonetheless -- in the Greek culture and person. On writing about it.
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Could be an interesting toss-in ... Stephen King in Danse Macabre talked specifically about this distinction as being the essense of horror writing -- the Apollonian world (e.g. the bucolic small town) is attacked by the Dionysian force (e.g. a vampire, a werewolf, etc).
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If you do a google search using "apollo vs dionysus" and "dionysus vs apollo" you'll find a lot of writing on the subject. Most of it covers the same points. I'm a little surprised that all this wasn't discussed to death in your classes and readings.
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Second NDc's recommendation of Nietzsche. "Birth of Tragedy" is probably the most thorough discussion. I wouldn't necessarily want to read it between now and exams, but maybe you can pick a decent 20-30 page excerpt.
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Beatles vs Stones. That's what it comes down to. Give me the Stones any day.
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Ha, this won't do as "research" but could serve as a good hook to hang your paper on: the Rush album Hemispheres is about exactly this dichotomy (lyrics). The hemispheres of the title are the two sides of the brain (left = rational, right = artistic).
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