Help me find 2 recent songs/videos, with little information to go on
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I occasionally listen to YouTube's Conditions Underground playlist or, more frequently, Left of the Dial. These get updated... periodically? I really have no idea, I just see them on my sidebar and get sick of the usual suspects and click play. Anyway I heard two songs on either of these playlists within the last year and would like to find them again.

Video 1: Singer was a white 20s male, video was heavy on the pastels/80s vibe, song was catchy and upbeat, I remember nothing else about it except that he looked like Steve from Stranger Things and maybe there were a lot of mirrors? No idea if this was under his name or a band or what.

Video 2: Female singer, I think a one-name band, some sort of breakup/FU song if I remember the vibe. Most memorable thing was the video was either just a still shot or a still shot that kind of shimmered/moved like this and similar look -- woman in the middle of an outdoor landscape.

I've looked through the current offerings to see if any of the bands ring a bell and they don't, since YouTube tends to recycle artists on these lists, from my experience.
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Response by poster: Sorry, Left of the Dial link should've gone here.
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