Miami Beach for grownups?
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I'm headed to Miami Beach at the end of February - likely prime spring break season. I'm in my late thirties, and I'm looking to relax with my partner, not party all night. We're staying close to where 195 hits the island and will not have a car. My taste can run a little bougie but I also love a good dive, and am a big fan of reading and coffee shops. What's chill, relaxing, and for grownups in Miami Beach?

I'm interested in chill, relaxing venues without loud music and which would generally be uninteresting to partying college students.

* Bars (good cocktails, natural wine)
* Beach clubs (I just want to relax with a fruity drink in the sun)
* Coffee shops
* Cute boutiques
* Authentic local food

Does such a thing even exist in Miami Beach? I've never been there before! Thank you for any suggestions!
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I have not been in about a dozen years, but the News Cafe was always a great chill place to hang out and watch the crowds go by, right on Ocean Drive (the beachfront street). News coverage I'm seeing says that it closed in 2021 but reopened last year.
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(In case you're not familiar with the News Cafe: They not only serve food, coffee, and alcohol, they also have a newsstand that stocks various national and international magazines and newspapers, which people often buy and peruse while eating and drinking. And they're open 24/7! The ultimate low-key streetside hangout.)
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I stayed at the Confidante in November and there were a lot of people doing the day pass thing. Nice beach and great service!

Broken Shaker was a great spot for drinks, I think the best meal we had in town was at OLA. Enjoy!
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We stayed at the Confidante just before Covid. It’s lovely and the pool and beach area are great. The restaurant was also very good. I’d stay there again. We really loved the 11th st Diner! And yes, go to the News Cafe! I haven’t been there in 25 years or so, just after Gianni Versace was murdered in front of his house down the street. So tragic.
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Authentic local food

La Sandwicherie on 14th St.
Puerto Sagua on Collins.
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