Geburstag in Salzburg
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Where should I go to splurge on my birthday in Salzburg?

I'd be most interested in going somewhere with local dishes--with a modern twist is ok.

(Sorry if I used the wrong preposition in the headline, my German is nonexistent and Babelfish didn't help)
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I've emailed a colleague who I believe knows Salzburg pretty well... I'll let you know what I hear back from her, so check back (or I'll email you) if this scrolls off the page before she gets back to me.
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There was a splendid restaurant that I went to last year, in Augustinerstrasse. Very modern, but local dishes. The restaurant appeared to also be in a shop which sold other things during the day: and you could either eat outdoors or inside.

A quick look on Google Maps (it now includes maps for Salzburg, as of today) doesn't show the restaurant, which is a nuisance; so I suspect I'm not being very helpful.
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Okay, heard back from my friend -- she says that the restaurant in the Hotel Goldener Hirsch (in Getreidegasse) is the most famous and traditional, and would be a grand birthday splurge.
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OK, it was back in 87 when I was there, but the Augustinerbrau beer garden was a delight.
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Thanks, Scody! Mimi, I'll be there a few days, so I'll check out the beer garden on another night.
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Sachertorte at the Hotel Sacher (overlooks the river) would count as splurging and local... not modern though. Their cocktails are lovely as well.
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