Should I get a Blackberry?
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Which cellphone to replace my Ericsson T39m?

I love my aging Ericsson T39m but it's starting to annoy me because its limited memory can't deal with all my contacts. So I'm looking for a new phone. Search didn't throw up anything very useful, so it's a fresh question. I'm looking for --

1. Tiny/slim. I often forget I have the T39m in my pocket.

2. Long battery life on standby. A lot of my travel takes me out of range so the phone spends a lot of time searching for a cell. The T39 will go a week on standby, which is dandy.

3. Ability to make calls anywhere in Europe, US, Canada.

4. Ability to usefully store my several thousand contacts.

5. Ability to invisibly sync calendars/contacts etc with my OS X Mac.

Or should I just get a Crackberry? Would it really make that much difference to me given that I generally have a laptop in tow? What difference to your habits did a Blackberry make?

(NB I aim to buy an unlocked phone rather than bundle it with minutes).
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If I was going to replace my Treo today, with a non-smartphone, I'd go with the Motorola SLVR.
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The direct successor to the T39m are the Sony Ericsson phones like the k750i/k800i etc.

The newest one I've spent any time with is the k700. It's almost as nice as the T39m and a surprising amount of the features work exactly the same. It's also easily as unobtrusive as the T39m, because of the lack of an aerial.
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