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We're looking for a fun place approximately equidistant* from Washington, DC and Columbus, OH to spend a long weekend in July or August. Six adults, 3 kids (ages 1 -6). We're hoping to find someplace reasonably priced. Camping is not an option with most of this crowd, and a place with a kitchen would be great. Any suggestions?

*Give or take about an hour
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Are you looking for an urban experience, or more of a "getaway"? Pittsburgh might fit the bill if you want a more "museums and restaurants" experience. It's a little closer to Columbus than to DC, but it's not too far from equidistant.

On the other hand, if you want to get away from it all, you may want to consider Cheat Lake, WV, near Morgantown. It's almost exactly between Columbus and Washington, and it's a lovely spot. Morgantown is a fun little town if you want to go out to eat, see a movie, etc., but if you want to spend time with the family and let the kids play in the water, Cheat Lake is great.
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If the folks from Columbus don't mind driving farther than the DC group, there's also Deep Creek Lake, MD, which has a little more to do than Cheat Lake but will also be more crowded and expensive in August.
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I've been to Ace Whitewater (WV) and it's awesome. Not just rafting - horseback riding, caving, hiking, etc. They have lodging ranging from tent spaces to fully equipped cabins with kitchens, grills, and hot tubs. Pretty reasonably priced as well.
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Response by poster: arco, I was picturing more of a getaway, but am very open to considering other possibilities. And I've been to Deep Creek Lake, and it's our backup -- we're hoping to find something closer to Columbus.

I just realized that it'll actually be 7 adults -- I forgot about my mom!
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Best answer: How about Oglebay? Much closer to Columbus than Washington, but it's still only about a five hour drive from DC. You can rent a whole cottage or two for the group, and there are plenty of things to do. It's really lovely.
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The Greenbrier. Beautiful and you can tour the doomsday shelter!
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I'm pretty sure this location is equidistant between Columbus and Washington.

P.S. Is D.C. still doing that taxation without representation thing?
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Response by poster: billtron, that's perfect! I've already booked the reservations! Thanks!

Yeah, instead of equidistant, I should have said roughly inbetween, I guess.
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