Boston area home builders?
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Can anyone recommend a good contractor / home builder in the Boston / Metrowest area?

We're still in the design process with the architect but in another month or two we'll be needing a contractor. I've heard all the horror stories so I really want to do my homework (no pun intended) to find someone who not only doesn't suck, but will work well with our architect and who will understand our vision.

We're especially looking for someone with experience building custom, energy efficient / green / super insulated homes, though we won't be going crazy with green features. (no organic free-range tofu insulation) Experience with ground source heat pumps a plus, though we expect we'll need to bring in a specialist for that one.

I'll take any recommendations though, not just certified green builders. From giant home-building corporations to A Gal or Guy With A Truck. As long as they can knock down a home and build another one in it's place. If anyone has contractor horror stories, I'll gladly take those via email so as not to publicly trash anyone. Knowing who not to hire is also important.

General advise for hiring a contractor is also appreciated.

And to tack on a mini-followup to this question, budget permitting, there will be a couple MeFi inspired features, though since we're not finished with design I won't yet say which ones.
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Join - it's like $60 a year and you'll find it pays for itself in a hurry.
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You might want to get in touch with Bill Lord up here in Maine. I don't know him personally but he built a solar house and could probably give you a few tips on what to look for in a contractor.

Let's see, MeFi inspired features.... could it be a double post?
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I'll second Angie's List, though don't be suprised if the best contractors are booked through the next century.
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I would think that your architect would be your best resource.

What do they say?

BTW, I would stay away from the guy/gal with truck. Good carpentry/building skills don't always overlap with good contracting skills, and you really don't want a 1st-timer building your home. Contracting is a very complex business on the scale of an entire house.
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Response by poster: Our architect will help us, and he has some contacts in the industry, but not to many in our town. The bidding process will most likely consist of a couple of his contacts plus some new ones.

Already on Angie's list, which has provided some names.

SteveInMaine, flagged that double post as "fantastic." We've also been all over the solarhouse website.
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A friend of mine owns and runs a construction company called White Builders based in Woburn. They specialise in high-end and off-beat residential and commercial stuff. They've worked for Harvard University, MIT, etc. I've seen his work in person and it's some of the best construction I've ever seen (I grew up with family in the industry). If Dennis can't help you, he can certainly point you in the direction of someone who can. Feel free to email me (address in profile) if you'd like.
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