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What would be a good base for a week of cycling in West Jutland? What are the must sees in the area?

We are keen to spend a week in June/July on Denmark's west Jutland coast. Our plan would be to hire bikes/ebikes for the week to explore the coastline and other sites of interest. I'm keen to spend some time in Thy National Park but open to other sites also. We would like somewhere close to a railway station with a view to getting the bikes around by train up and down the coast and towns neighbouring the west coast. I'm looking for recommendations for a good base location, close to a well linked station but also preferably close to good places to visit, ideally by bike.

My thinking is train out, cycle back OR Train to A, cycle to B, Train back home from B. I'm a bit concerned that the trains might be few and very slow (based on a few checks of times on DSB). Would be great to hear from anyone who knows about faster vs slower services in Denmark.

If you have any ideas of good places to visit that would also be great. Activity wise, I am a bit of a renewable energy geek so anything related to that would be very welcome. Happy to explore Danish beer, food and culture, design, arts. We will spend some time in Copenhagen separately so not looking for info around that.
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Best answer: West Jutland is terribly underserved train wise. I'm sorry.
In your situation, I would go for Thisted as the base town, because it is very charming and connects to a lot of nice places within bike range, and has two rail lines, so a bit more frequent options. It's on the fjord rather than the open sea, but that might be a good thing, the wind is very strong out there, and it might be nice to chill out by the fjord after a day on your bikes.

You probably know that Denmark's wind turbine test center is in the Thy National Park. It is very impressive, and the information center is interesting. What you might not know is that the first modern wind turbine, the Tvind wind turbine, is reachable by your planned mix of train and bike: you can go by train to Holstebro, and then ride your bikes from there to Ulfborg, where Tvind is.
The National Park is where most of the Danish wolves live, but I don't think you will see them.

Klitmøller, a coastal village near Thisted, is a center for surfing and other ocean sports, nick-named Cold Hawaii.

Frøstrup is a weird place where there is still an old hippie commune. It's a bit sad imo, but I'm mentioning it because the wetlands between Thisted and Frøstrup are very beautiful, with a lot of bird life. You also pass by on the way to Svinkløv, see below.

For fine art, there are some very different bike-able destinations: the National Art Museum of Denmark is opening a branch in Doverodde, and I think while they are working on the project, there will be temporary exhibitions in the existing buildings.
For a more edgy, bottom-up experience, there is the art-village of Selde, for the Deep Forest Art Land you will need to combine biking and trains. There is also Hygum Kunstmuseum, I haven't been there, but I have heard it is a unique experience. Close to Hygum, there is Lemvig, where the museum of religious art is.
If you go to Tvind via Holstebro, Holstebro is famous for its art, not only in the museum, but all over the place.

For design, B&O has their headquarters in Struer,.

For food and drink, the west coast has several destinations.
Svinkløv Badehotel has recently reopened after a catastrophic fire. Their kitchen is nationally famous.
At Limfjordens Fiskehus, you get the most delicious fish and shellfish in the country.
Tri in Agger has gotten sensational reviews during the past couple of years. I am very curious, because this is a very remote and "dark" place.
At the renovated manor house Nørre Vosborg, there are two different restaurants. It is again close to Holstebro, so maybe spend the night there when you visit Tvind, Hygum and Holstebro.
The more mundane food offers, like fish and chips, fish cakes, fried fish on rye bread, pickled herring on rye bread and various pork variations on rye bread can be good, or terrible. I wish I had some advice, but I guess it's the usual travelers stuff: look at the other customers: are they local or tourists, do their plates look good, does the remoulade on the fried fish servings look home made. The menu is usually short, you won't see a lot of different traditional foods, so your object is to find those that are made of fresh ingredients in the kitchen, rather than reheated from frozen.
There are several good breweries in the region, and you will find them and their products easily.
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While reading more about Tri, I found there is a whiskey distillery in Snedsted, just an hour and 15 minutes from Thisted. Now I want to go on my own roadtrip in Vestjylland. There are so many new things I haven't seen.
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Response by poster: Many thanks mumimor, this is really useful. I had heard of the Tvind turbine but didn't realise it was still there and hadn't though to look into it. I saw the Gedser turbine at the Tange Electricity Museum a while back and got a real kick out of that, so definitely up for Tvind.

Some of those food options sound really good also, the Fiskehus looks like an excellent fit particularly and Norre Vosberg also appeals. I dare say a visit to the distillery is also possible, we did Islay a few years ago and I do like to try the different options. We'll use a bunch of your other suggestions as well, no doubt. Again, thanks for putting the effort in to come up with some great pointers.
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