Apple OS X Faxing of PDFs??
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Is it possible to Fax a PDF in OS X Tiger? When I try, the result is cut off and in landscape orientation

And for bonus points, why does the same result obtain when I take a non-PDF document and chose the option "Fax This Document"?
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Regarding the bonus question, is that supposed to be "why do I obtain the same result" or "why don't I obtain the same result"?

If you do, I'd say it's because OS X's rendering engine is based on PDF, so interally it's probably just doing a 'print to pdf' followed by a 'fax this pdf'.

If you don't, well I haven't a damned clue.
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Best answer: Under the File menu in whatever application you're in, have you investigated "Page Setup"? Check to see if the settings there are what you want (landscape vs. portrait, etc.)
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Response by poster: Tacos, at last check, it's correct English to say "the same result obtains...

Oh, and I don't think its a misadjustment. The same thing happened when I tried to fax PDFs in OS 9.2 I'm just hoping there's a way to work around this because I make PDFs for invoices, and re-send them when payment is late..
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So that's a definite no to my suggestion, or you don't think it's a yes?

The Page Setup settings are the only place I can think of where you tell the computer whether you want to orient the pages landscape or portrait, so whichever orientation your faxes are turning out, the way to switch to the other one is in Page Setup. I don't have a fax machine to check, but I do know that the orientation you set in Page Setup affects both printing to a printer as well as printing to PDF.
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Response by poster: emelenjr, you were and are CORRECT.
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Cool, Paris. I'm glad that fixed your fax printing issue.
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