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I am beginning to experience a small amount of success as a freelance writer, and want to put together a professional website so that folks may hire me/contact me if they desire.

I know that I should essentially have my clip file online - publications I've worked with, possibly samples from articles I've written. But what's the best way to present that information? And what are the no-no's - the things that would get me dismissed as a hack clown of a writer, even if it's not true? I just want, basically, an on-line source that a prospective client could view it and wish to either interview me or go ahead and commission work.

Any and all advice appreciated.
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My sugegstion would be to google similiar writers and see how they go about it. Then work out a format that works for you.

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Check out ... simple and elegant.
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Make sure you have written permission to use the names of people or companies you've worked for, and, if you're planning on doing it frequently, work it into your standard contract (while, obviously, allowing them to ask for its removal) - it never hurts to have this sort of thing on a legal footing, and the contract allows them to say definitively whether or not they agree it to.
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I did a bizcard site for a freelance writer friend of mine last year. Not sure if this is the kind of thing you're looking for, but: most of the site was static, but the 'Writings' part used Movable Type for backend content management, so he could basically just paste in new publications that he wanted to mention or reproduce, and hit 'Post' and the dynamic bits of the site would rebuild for him. No fuss, no muss, and I haven't had to revisit anything for him at all, since.
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