Can you recommend a dish soap that is not in packaged in plastic?
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I'm growing increasingly vigilant about eliminating single-use plastics in my house. I already have a liquid soap dispenser (that I honestly really like) and am on the hunt for refills that have, ideally, zero plastic packaging. There are a lot of seemingly eco-friendly dish soap brands out there, so I am looking for personal experiences, please. I don't think I'm interested in a bar soap, but I could be convinced....
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You could look into a concentrate which you dilute with tap water. Most likely there would still be some packaging, but much less than usual.
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Depending on where you live, there may be a store where you can take your preferred soap storage vessel and fill it.

If you happen to be near Pasadena, check out My Zero Waste Store.
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Best answer: I like Grove's dish soap, which comes in aluminum refills (available at Target, and directly from Grove)
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Best answer: I like etee liquid dish soap! It comes concentrated in in beeswax tubes, which are compostable.
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My local coop has liquid soap in the bulk department so you can just bring and fill you own container
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A bar dish soap option?
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Response by poster: (to be clear, I'm looking for specific brand recommendations based on personal experience, ty ty)
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Best answer: I use & like Dropps.
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Best answer: I use and like Sunlight soap - it is a bar, but with a disher swisher (no idea what the thing's really called - a little cage on a handle) it's no more trouble than a bottle. It doesn't foam up in the sink, which new users sometimes find alarming, but it cleans just fine.
It's biodegradable, doesn't have SLS or petrochemicals, comes wrapped in ordinary cardboard, and you can also use it for cleaning laundry and floors (and yourself, though it's not my first choice for that).
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I recommend the Seventh Generation Dish Soap refill!

Edit: Oh crap, I missed the 'NOT packaged in plastic' part of your ask, sorry OP!
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I use this solid dish soap:

I get it shipped (it actually comes by a local courier where I am) but you might be able to find it at a crunchy local shop.
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Best answer: We use Grove, having switched from the Method refillables when they because scarce, and Grove holds up really, really well in comparison. Would recommend.
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Best answer: I use Blueland. If you already have a dispenser, you can just get the powder. Their other products are good too, such as hand soap tablets that dissolve in water.
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Unscented Dr. Bronner's makes a fine dish soap if you dilute it 1:1 with water. Many health food stores sell it bulk-- you pour it into your own container and either pay by weight or volume depending on how they do it. The scented versions also work but leave a smell on the dishes.
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Best answer: Another vote for Grove, which comes in recyclable aluminum. I love that I can get the scent-fee soap. FWIW, I use all their refills for counter spray, glass spray, shower spray, etc. and like them all. (and in case it's not clear, Grove is both a distributer of goods, but also make their own specific line of cleaners and refills)
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