Christmas Carols I Might Not Know
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Yes, it’s another Christmas music question!y tastes in Christmas music tend toward traditional carols—think God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen; Riu Riu Chiu; Ukrainian Bell Carol—and I’m hoping to add some lesser-known ones to my playlist this year. What are your favorite lesser-known traditional carols (or lesser-known arrangements of popular carols) available on Spotify? Please go by as broad a definition of “carol” as you like, and arrangements themselves do not have to be traditional!

For anyone who knows the Christmas Revels, another way of asking this question is “what is a song you think the Revels should do?”

I am also open to modern compositions done in a style that says “traditional carol” to you.

I’m happy to look beyond Christmas to other December/winter themed songs.
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I love Good King Wenceslas with a simple lower harmony line added.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen & We Three Kings, the way the Barenaked Ladies & Sarah McLaughlin do it. Here's another version without Sarah.
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Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella (recording with a full choir, you may be able to find something more stripped down with a single singer)

Coventry Carol
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For arrangements of more well-known carols

O Come, O Come Emmanuel by Belle and Sebastian

Auld Lang Syne by El Perro del Mar

For lesser-known carols, the Sixteen have some on their Complete carols album. Their version of the Holly & the Ivy is my favorite of any carol.
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For anyone who knows the Christmas Revels, another way of asking this question is “what is a song you think the Revels should do?”
Cos'è uno by Riccardo Tesi - a kind of Italian "Partridge in a Pair Tree" would be my suggestion in this category.
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A carol I've come to love in recent years is In The Bleak Midwinter. (I don't use Spotify, so that's a YouTube link. ) The lyrics is by Christina Rossetti, and the music is by Gustav Holst.
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Not on Spotify: pinkstainlesstail, Jingle Rock Bell

I don't know if I can link through cuz no spotify acct but these all seem to be on spotify:

The Roches, Winter Wonderland (the whole album We Three Kings is good)

Boston Camerata, Pretty Home (off American Christmas)

Boston Camerata, Convidando Esta' La Noche (not technically Christmas but I choose to think of it that way)

Mel Torme, Good King Wenceslas

Boston Camerata, Tura Lura Lura

Custer LaRue, Jesus Born in Beth'ny (not strictly Christmas)

Waverly Consort, Exultation

Bad Religion, Hark the Herald or O Come Emmanuel
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Shout for Joy! I didn't love this collection immediately, but it has become a favorite. A coworker played it in the bookstore where we worked, and I eventually tracked it down and bought it.

Children, Go Where I Send Thee
Angels From the Realms of Glory
Mary's Boy Child, Harry Belafonte
Gaudete, the Steeleye Span version
Once in Royal David's City
In the Bleak Midwinter

I love this, thank you.
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When I was a kid, we had a winter Revels and the 8th grade chorus traditionally sang Here Comes the Sun. I'm not really a Beatles fan (SORRY EVERYONE) but you really can't beat it.

Another unrelated song -- the band Low has a song called Just Like Christmas which is about community and newness and is beautiful. It is, however, a Christmas song with Christmas in the title and in the refrain.
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Sufjan Steven's Christmas records have traditional and less traditional arrangements of carols (along with original songs.)

I like "I Saw Three Ships."
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Shchedryk is Ukrainian carol about a swallow flying into a house to bring wealth in the following spring. Pink Martini's version. (yes, you know it already).
Couple of alternative versions of songs already mentioned: Harold Darke's version of In the Bleak Midwinter
Auld Lang Syne - original version.
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My friend has a pretty huge Christmas playlist, sorry, not Spotify. Who knew Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence was so pretty?
And I forgot to mention Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming
and At The Closing of the Year, from Toys, a lovely and weird movie with a terrific cast.
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My group is doing E la don don (not us, just a random YT link) this year, which I hadn't heard before.
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An album I grew up with was Winter's Coming Home which, since it is by the monks of Weston Priory, is very religious and even includes a gospel reading and litany. The songs are amazing and for me do everything the best Christmas carols do: provide a sense of light in the darkness and cold. Especial favourites are the title track, Shepherds and Kings, and the last one, A child is born.
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Carol of the Children (Rutter)
Ev'ry star shall sing a carol (Carter)
The Holly and the Ivy (Gardner)
Ceremony of Carols (Britten)
In the bleak midwinter (Darke)
Coventry Carol (trad)
O Little town of Bethlehem (trad arr Vaughan Williams)

There's a nice version of It came upon a midnight clear by Sixpence None the Richer, which was used on Grey's Anatomy, but I can't find it on Spotify. Here's a YT link.
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Wexford Carol aka Carúl Inis Córthaidh also on Spotify
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I don't know if this is on Spotify, but the beautiful, haunting Finnish carol, Sparrow on Christmas Morning (Varpunen Jouluaamuna) is wonderful.
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Also In the Bleak Midwinter, but by The Crash Test Dummies
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I've long thought In dulci jubilo ("O, that we were there") is underrated, probably because the lines in Latin are challenging for English speakers.
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Chariots by John Kirkpatrick, also called the Carol of the Alliterations, is delightful.
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Come And I Will Sing You is a carol that is more popular in Newfoundland, and it's a progressive-list song like "The Twelve Days of Christmas". That previous link is how I heard Great Big Sea do it first, as a faster-paced a capella arrangement; they also did a slightly slower-paced cover with instrumentation.
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The Cherry Tree Carol is my favorite deep cut not already mentioned above. The theology is deeply weird, which is A+ caroling, in my book.

My family are very fond of The Dream Isaiah Saw, which has an epic orchestral accompaniment.
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This is my favorite type of Christmas music, and this is the one I’ve had on repeat this year: People, Look East
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Ooh, sorry, missed the Spotify request. Here it is: People Look East
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Mary's Boy Child, Harry Belafonte

Or Boney M's version
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I can't find any of them on Spotify, but there are regional carols that have always been sung in specific pubs in Yorkshire. (You might have some luck finding them recorded by local folk groups?) gives a sample of what I mean.
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Tomorrow Shall be my Dancing Day - Rutter.
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Best answer: Further to Shark Hat, here's a Spotify album of the Yorkshire/Derbyshire pub carol tradition which will give you a good sample. The idea is robust and joyful - even rowdy - participation rather than polished performance, and consequently these carols are almost all an absolute blast to sing. I'm particularly fond of all the many tunes to which While Shepherds Watched... is set; try Pentonville for example, or Sweet Chiming Bells. You might turn up more examples by searching for 'Sheffield carols'.
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In dulci jubilo
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Nowell Sing We

Drive the Cold Winter Away


Huron Christmas Carol (Jesous Ahatonia)

Orientus Partibus (The Song of the Ass) - tune is related to The Friendly Beasts

Personent Hodie

The Angel Gabriel From Heaven Came



Il est Né le Devine Enfant

Como Poden

Adeste Fidelis

Alle Jahre Wieder

Als I Lay On Yoolis Night

Adam Lay Ybounden


I have no Spotify Account so I can't give you links, just titles.
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There's an album of a cappella Christmas song by a group called First Call. The album is titled "An Evening in December." I was surprised to see that Spotify has it, because it's from 1985 and not terribly well know but, yay!, it's there. I kind of love the whole album, but for traditional carols, check out their versions of:

O Come, O Come, Emmanual
Lo, How A Rose Ere Blooming
When Jesus Was a Tiny Baby
How Great Our Joy
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While neither traditional nor particularly "carol-y", Tim Minchin's "White Wine in the Sun" is wonderful and deserves to be heard and appreciated.


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The Watersons recording of Malpas Wassail just totally knocked me on my ass when I first heard it, and it never ceases to give me goosebumps.
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Star in the East
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Oops, you wanted Spotify. Here it is: The Watersons, Malpas Wassail.
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Joy by Tracy Thorn is a sad/beautiful song that is criminally under-known:

"We'll gather up our fears/and face down all the coming years/all that they destroy/and in their face we throw our joy, joy, joy"
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Christmas at Sea - Robert Louis Stevenson poem here from The Longest Johns
An Nollaig in Éirinn - Colm McGuiness - Christmas in Ireland; another shanty.
Sound Your Instruments of Joy - another Watersons interpretation
Here We Come a Wassailing - Kate Rusby version here.
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Silent Night - Delta Goodrem and Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu - this is a YouTube extract, but it appears to be on Spotify too. A beautiful arrangement. The late Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu was known as Gurrumul, and also referred to as Dr G. Yunupingu. He was a blind Aboriginal Australian musician of the Yolŋu peoples. There is an excellent documentary telling his story (“Gurrumul”) and a foundation was set up in his name.
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Also splendid: Bowie and Bing Crosby - The Little Drummer Boy - not sure if it’s on Spotify though. (Fast forward through the initial banter to get to the song…)
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Angelus ad Virginem 14th century

Dixit Maria J. Leo Hassler 1564-1612

The White Dove Brahms (German)
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Best answer: OK capricorn - so now Spotify and Youtube's algorithms are spitting unusual carols at me - so it would be churlish not to share some more here:
The King - Steeleye Span
O Holy Night- Brandi Carlile
Jolly Old Hawk - The Watersons
Star of Wonder- The Roches
The Seven Joys of Mary - Maddy Prior and June Tabor
Cold Winter - Kate Rusby
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Mary did you know?

Sleigh Ride
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Non-traditional arrangements, did you say?
We Wish You a Mambo Christmas
White Christmas by Esquivel
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Response by poster: okay how did I not know that whole Steeleye Span album goes so hard????

keep 'em coming, everyone! This is great.
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Ah, if you like Steeleye Span then I bet you'll like the albums from Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band! I listen to Carols & Capers all the time.
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Response by poster: Thank you! I already think the Jethro Tull Christmas Song is the best one of all time so it should have been a no brainer...
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Response by poster: I'm going to shamelessly self-answer here because I just saw that the Hamrahlid Choir has an album of Icelandic Christmas carols on Spotify.
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Cultural note: Rural England: you might get the nice polite Christian carol singers at the door; rosy faced kids with their choir master singing about baby Jesus and collecting for Oxfam.

Or… you might get the mediaeval pagans: attired like characters from The Wicker Man - masked, already very drunk and lured here by the posh neighbourhood you call home. They start putting some kind of bizarre musical. In exchange they want your food (“got any figgy pudding mate?”), your booze, and your cash. Then they might go away and bother somebody else without breaking anything.
The Pace Egging Song: The MacCalmans - technically for Good Friday in parts of Yorkshire - but still a carol. These really are people who dress as Nelson and ask for your “eggs and strong beer”. This is what it looks like.
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A couple years ago I heard Brightest and Best as arranged for choir by Shawn Kirchner and it immediately went right onto my list of Christmas favorites. Here is a version on Spotify done by the Eastern Michigan University Choir but I sort of love this very energetic rendition from the USC Thornton Chamber Singers on Youtube best (especially watching the violinist go off).
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Infant Holy, Infant Lowly and Still, Still Still are beautiful
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