Plus Size Treggings/Jeggings WITH POCKETS That Aren't Fast Fashion (UK)
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I'm a short little dumpling of a woman who can't wear traditional jeans at all comfortably, but feels best in a tunic/trouser outfit situation. I have found a pair I like but it's flimsy fast fashion - I'm looking for a more robust, and heaven forfend, a smidge more ethical, alternative. Examples inside:

I'm quite pear shaped so most plus size trousers have The Gap issue. The pair I have found work great for me are these "pull on jeggings" on ebay (and a similar pair here): front facing pockets, waist fits, stretch over my thighs etc. But they wear out super quickly - the fabric is garbage quality - add to that the chub rub effect, even though I mend and patch them I just don't get more than 6 months use out of them, so buy multiple pairs and spot mend as I go. But I'd much prefer something that didn't feel so disposable - in all my other clothing choices I go 2nd hand where possible, or buy quality that will last. That said, my special snowflake mega thighs don't make that an easy prospect for trousers.

Does anyone have any suggestions of alternatives? Pockets are a must, I don't mind paying for extra shipping if it's a rock-solid recommendation, I'm short but can shorten pant length myself, the key thing is the stretch and the waist fitting.

Have considered having them remade by a dressmaker but I've had poor experiences with attempting that before. My own sewing skills aren't quite up to muster.
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Can you do Universal Standard? I love all of my denim from them, and it seems to hold up well.
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I'd recommend Universal Standard. I have their Seine jeans, which are stretchy like jeggings but have a zipper and deep pockets. They also have jeggings with deep pockets, which are oddly less stretchy than the Seine jeans. They come in different lengths. The customer service is great. They have a lot of sales, so it's worth waiting a week if you find something you like.
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Yes, if you’re willing to do international shipping I’d have to add my voice to the recommendation for Universal Standard. I can usually get jeans for $45-50 USD and jeggings for $35 USD on sale. They typically last me at least 2 years of heavy wear, and they have truly changed my pants-wearing life. I’m 5’4 and pear-shaped; the 27 inch inseam hits right above my ankle bone.
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