Help me identify this art site I went to in Rome 15 years ago
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My memories are fuzzy and google-fu is failing me. Last time I was in Rome, I went on a house tour outside the center where 19th British artist(s) (I think? Maybe Italian?) painted murals in a home.

I think they were members of one of those 19th century literary and visual art movements: decadents, aesthetes? and I assumed lived in the house together where the artist(s) painted murals on the interior walls. The murals were fantastical, and maybe literary in subject matter? For some reason, I remember a vision of hell? It was a tourist site off the beaten path. I believe it was a freestanding home, not an apartment building.
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Could it be the Villa Aurora?
posted by Ted Maul at 6:24 AM on November 22

Response by poster: Thank you for responding! It was definitely not a Renaissance or Baroque site, and I don’t think the house would be considered a villa. It seemed to be a large 19th or 18th century home that contemporary Romans might live in.
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Was it Gallerie sciarra?
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