Looking for more words like this: "Pull apart the double helix like a wishbone."
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I really like the lyrics of Why? {mp3 1 2 3}. Based solely on the words (fave lyrics here, here and here), what poets and other writers or songwriters would I like?
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And does anyone want to take a stab at interpreting: "swallow a coal"? Is that referencing something I should be picking up?
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my only guess is that it might be a reference to swallowing charcoal, which can be done to flush drugs or other toxic chemicals from someone's system (see here).

i love why?. i'm not sure who would compare with him though. he's got a pretty unique voice, both in the sonic and literary senses.
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I think The Eels have a similar tone/theme/content of lyrics. Somewhat similar sound too, as an added bonus.

Don't know what poets/writers to suggest though. I'd have to think about that one some more.
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Why? are part of the Anitcon collective, so you should check out their many releases. I like the first cloudDEAD album quite a bit and think it is similar.
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small confession: I may only be recommending my favorite lyricist.

Destroyer has endlessly self-referential and literarily-referential lyrics that are often cutting, witty, and beautiful. Perhaps not as uniquely down-to-earth as Why? but similarly fun:
"We stole a gondola to sea and ditched the chaperones on jewel-encrusted roans who called us "unprofessional."
"She wanted blood, all she got was sacrifice"
"You try to summon up the spirits live on Face the Nation
But the port authority's just taxed incantations."
and more (slightly out-of-context) examples of them at the Bejar-O-Matic.

I get caught up in the whimsical storytelling of Of Montreal. There's one track in particular--uh, "Nickee Coco and the Invisible Tree"--that's part spoken word and mezmerizing. trippy poppy tunes to boot.

From the other artists listed on that very dedicated Memorized Breaths page, I'd say Joanna Newsom is probably lyrically the closest to Why?

(I like ending declarative sentences with Why?)

PS -> looking at the AMG 'related bands' & 'see also' I'll agree strongly with cLOUDEAD (of course--why?s a member. who's a member? why? yes.) the sound is a bit more industrial/harsh-sounding, but the lyrics are his much of the time I think. maybe you already knew that, though. good music!
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I also just realized that all of the singers I mentioned have somewhat similar (if only similarly unique) singing voices as Why?
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Second Destroyer, Bejar is a lyrical genius.

I'm also reminded of Neutral Milk Hotel, sort of. Here are some sample lyrics.
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danah boyd has a fantastic page of Ani DiFranco's lyrics; try "Adam and Eve" and "Superhero". Ani rhymes more regularly than Why? appear to, but there's a similar complexity and intelligence. Maybe Iron & Wine, a melancholy, smart songwriter, haunted by mistakes and even by happy memories. And Stephen Merritt's various projects might appeal. Also, doesn't a title like Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots beg for investigation?

For poetry, I've recommended Anne Carson in AskMe before and likely will again; she's sharper and better read and better-voiced than . . . well, just read the excerpt.

William Gibson manages edges pretty well and tonally reminds me of your wishbone-splitting simile. If you read short stories, try Burning Chrome.
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That Iron & Wine link is completely fubar. Use this instead.
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You can never go wrong with Neutral Milk Hotel. Also The Mountain Goats.
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