Same-day cleaners in midtown
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[ManhattanFilter] Same-day cleaners in midtown?

Just flew in to NYC, I need a good place to get my suit dry-cleaned and pressed by the end of day Sunday (tomorrow).

Any thoughts?
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Are you staying at a hotel? Maybe the concierge could help you, or if you're staying in a doorman building, maybe they would know. Just so you know, though, I've lived in New York for a long time and I think I've heard of/seen a dry cleaner open on Sunday maybe once. Hopefully there is some kind of hotel-related help you can get.
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I've had this done by the hotel at the W, the Intercontinental and the Sheraton.
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ask any top hotel. they'll know. if not, many cleaners can do it. sunday complicates matters however, as most cleaners seem to be evangelical christian koreans.

where are you staying?

ps- convention states that you shouldn't dry clean suits more than absolutely necessary. there's nothing that hanging it in a closet and a good pressing can't do.
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Oh, and just a heads-up, about the cost. At the Sheraton NY, a men's suit runs:
Clean & Press: $24
Press only: $20

oddly, I had a Sheraton NY dry cleaning receipt sitting right next to me.
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the hippodrome cleaners (you actually enter through the driveway to the parking lot) on 43rd, just east of 6th Ave.
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In a pinch, hang it in the shower and turn it to hot for a bit. The steam will take out all wrinkles.
If your problem is schmutz on the suit, this won't help.
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