Best places to visit within a small radius of DC?
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Destinations close to DC: I have fairly severe panic disorder that is aggravated by travel, and would like to take a trip for my anniversary. I am considering Bethany Beach in Delaware, but are there any other places I should research/consider within an under-three-hour drive from Northern Virginia?
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Lancaster, PA / Amish country would be nearby(-ish) and low-key. You'd avoid the mass exodus to the beach too.
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There were at least three previous AskMes about day trips from the DC area, just FYI.
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Lewes, Delaware is very low-key. You can take a ferry to Cape May, if that would not aggravate things.

Frederick, Maryland is a good place to go antiquing.

If you're feeling flush, go to the Inn at Little Washington for the weekend (including dinner).

Harper's Ferry is fun.

Have you been to Annapolis? It may feel too close.

For some history, Williamsburg is only about two hours away, as is Charlottesville.
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Yeah, Harper's Ferry.
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Is Rehobeth Beach too far? What about Great Falls?

I've heard great things about the Inn at Little Washington.
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Bethany is much more pleasant (and quiet) than Rehoboth. St Michaels is also nice -- and if I remember correctly, pretty low-key. It's on the Chesapeake. There are also various beaches around the bay which might be less crowded than the beaches on the coast.
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Yeah, if you've got the cash, Inn at Little Washington.

If not, how about renting a secluded cabin in the mountains? Bolar Run looked good to us for last Thanksgiving, but they were all booked up. I bet they're available this time of year.
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Another vote for Harper's Ferry - you've got the historic and outdoor activities, and if you're into gambling, it's very close to Charles Town Races and Slots. Other close options - Shenandoah National Park, and the various bed-and-breakfasts in Loudoun and Fauquier counties.
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I asked a similar question last August. We ended up going to Harper's Ferry and had a great time.
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