Wedding ring wont come off finger… tomorrow
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I have a broken right hand and need surgery tomorrow on it. The wedding ring on my left (non-injured hand) is refusing to come off (it hasn't in years). Before I go fire up the mitre saw, how likely is that it will be a block to being in surgery under general anesthesia.

I have asked the medical team as well and waiting on their response, but trying to plan my day if I need to go find a jeweler quickly to get it cut off potentially or see if they have any magic tricks. I’ve tried various oils and other tricks I saw online.

Kidding about the mitre saw. I’d use the Dremel of course!
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Best answer: If oils or soap don't work, have you tried the ribbon or string trick? My only input on the anesthesia is that when I went in for a hernia surgery a couple years ago, I was asked to remove all of my jewelry. Rings, necklace, earrings, watch.
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Best answer: Have you tried windex?
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Best answer: I would hold up my ring hand over my head to get the every day swelling down and then tug it off.
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Best answer: IANAD: Non-injured hand shouldn’t be a problem barring body-wide swelling, and an EMT can remove it anyway. They’re not hard to cut; even titanium isn’t too bad in a non-emergency situation.

…now, they may not WANT to cut it off for other reasons (liability?) but any hospital could do it if they needed to.
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Best answer: A combination of holding my hand above my head for ten minutes and dogged pursuit of the ribbon trick removed a very firmly stuck/embedded ring on my ring finger. In the end I used string and wound it quite tight. It wasn't comfortable but it did work.
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Best answer: I also find getting my hand nice and cold helpful! Normally running cold water over my hand for a minute is enough, but one time I dunked it in ice water for as long as I could stand. Makes the fingers as small as they can be, and the ribbon/string technique more likely to work.
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Best answer: When I needed to remove a wedding ring after my cat tagged my knuckle I was able to just cut it with a pair of wire cutters - just a simple gold band.
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Best answer: I just had a surgical procedure yesterday (with general anesthesia; not on my ankle) and asked to keep on an ankle brace I'm wearing as I recover from a broken ankle, but which I could have taken off if they objected. They were fine with that. Obviously YMMV but I bet you'll be able to keep it on.
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Best answer: Dental floss method
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Best answer: Seconding getting your hand nice and cold. I always notice my ring gets noticeably looser when it’s cold out!
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Best answer: I was allowed to keep a necklace on during surgery (I would have had to cut it off to remove it). I think they just taped it down and that was it. Before you cut your ring, make sure that they absolutely require it to be cut off. It might be a rule that can bend a bit.
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Best answer: I've been asked to remove rings before surgery (gall bladder, cataract), and I told them the rings would not come off. The staff put tape on them to show they were there, and things were fine.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the responses.

Have you tried windex?

Normally I'm a vodka lime guy, but sure...line them up. It's been one of those weeks.

Luckily the medical staff just confirmed that I don't need it off (phew!). I have tried the tricks above many times in the past.......but like an animal in a trap I think my desire to get it off this time went well over my previous pain threshold...and I just got it off!

I went outside and got a nice big bowl of fresh snow (Utah Mountain living for the win!) and kept my pudgy little paw in there *way beyond* my previous attempts. Like way beyond. Like trapped in an avalanche periods of time. I should get an Avy 1 certification just for this effort alone. Being on a frustrating Zoom work call at the same I think allowed me to focus my rage on something other than my hand. I had sprayed my hand with Windex before for kicks.

And then I pulled and twisted and cursed and howled like an angry wolverine (luckily I had muted the Zoom).

And friends, it finally came off. I think I have frost bite now of course, so will probably lose that finger anyway given how things are going. But it's the principle of the thing.

Thanks all!
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Congratulations and wishing you a sound surgery and swift recovery!
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Hope surgery goes well.

It might be worth getting the ring resized, now it's off. It's pretty common to need to do this; knuckles tend to enlarge with age.
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I had this issue when my hands swelled up for medical reasons and I too hurt myself in an effort to get the damn ring off and I am just jumping in here to tell future advice-seekers that it is SO MUCH EASIER to just pay a jeweler $10 and they have a little saw just for this. It took literally three seconds to cut through the damn ring. Zzzip!

Of course then I had a cracked open ring in a bag rather than a ring, but I was fine with it.
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Response by poster: That’s right - it must be my knuckles getting larger (*quickly brushes off crumbs on his shirt from the multiple beef empanadas he had for lunch*)

Yeah a resizing will occur before it goes back on for sure…..though I had to stop myself several times midway putting it back on just to see if I can.
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Good luck with your surgery tomorrow!
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For the future: I had my wedding ring cut off because of allergic swelling and a jeweler fixed it so thoroughly you can’t tell it was cut.
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My father refused to ever remove his wedding ring. He told me nurses just put tape over it to secure it through multiple surgeries.
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Response by poster: Out of surgery - dosed up on some of the good stuff. Op went well and in the good hands of Mrs Inflatablekiwi. Thanks again all!
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