Non flannel pj pant recommendation needed
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A person on my holiday shopping list has asked for mens pj pants, and I want to get them a pair they'll really enjoy. Criteria as follows: not flannel, not micro fleece, ideally not cuffed at the bottom, a simple pattern would be ideal, needs to be soft, ideally with pockets.

The majority of pj pants I'm finding are flannel, and as a person who adores flannel pj pants, I'm out of my element here.

What brand or retailer to you recommend I check out? What pj pants love? Must ship in Canada. Budget of $75. Thanks in advance!
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JCrew had some classic ones.
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I've got some Uniqlo "room pants" that are basically thin sweat pants that I use as PJs. They have pockets too.
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MeUndies lounge pants are great.
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I think knit pj's are very comfortable, don't wrinkle and are not too hot, as fleece can be. A quick spin on the 'net shows Lands End and Target both have offerings.
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Best answer: Old Navy has poplin (harder to find these days) and jersey.
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I love the Soma Cool Nights pants.
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I will second the Old Navy poplin pajama pants. They’re not soft the way a jersey or flannel pajama pant is but it’s more of a crisp cotton, and they get softer over time.
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Best answer: These from Eddie Bauer are my favorite -- soft, last a long time, have pockets, well within your price range. (The link is to their .ca site, so I am pretty sure this is available where you are.)
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Lands end has both knit and poplin pj pants - depends on whether you prefer a more crisp or soft feel. I wear the Lands End Supima nightgowns and they are lovely - soft, durable, high quality. The pants are the same fabric so if looking for knit I’d highly recommend those.
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Seconding MeUndies lounge pants. I have some of the women’s joggers (which are made from the same fabric) and they are incredibly soft and comfy. 10/10 would pajama again. I will say I prefer the joggers because I find the fabric waistband more comfy than the elastic waistband on the lounge pants, but that’s a minor quibble, especially if you prefer not to have a cuff at the ankle.
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Old Navy is a hit for us.
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Hanes makes plain cotton knit men’s pajama pants with very deep pockets.
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Simons has really really beautiful stuff in that price range, I’d look at the Modal options (their gift boxes are so gorgeous which makes me feel like I’m giving something fancy if it’s from there, but the prices almost all fall under budget for you)
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