Pay as you go webhosting
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I saw this website a while ago that offered pay as you go web hosting. You would prepay and the usage (disk, bandwidth, etc) would deduct from your account. I seem to remember it being dirt cheap. Anyone know what it is?
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I remember this, the price list was all in pennies. Webhosting talk seems to think it was but that doesn't ring bells with me. bsdwebhosting is another option
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You might also be thinking of NearlyFreeSpeach.

They host Bug Me Not, and they host me. In general I've been very happy with them.
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Yeah, NearlyFreeSpeach. And for the record, they are excellent webhost IMHO.
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(Since people are spelling "speech" wrong.)

You cannot pay them in lint, though. :)
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(Since people are spelling "speech" wrong.)

Yeah, just noticed that. Odd that I'd get it wrong in the text while writing it correctly in the link.
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If you have a low traffic website then I guess this makes sense. But in terms of the larger picture of webhosting, $1 per GB bandwidth is a horrible price, even for shared hosting. If you are moving more than a few GB per month you can find hosting for a fraction of that rate.
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Sounds like Amazon S3
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1$/GB is really expensive (about 5000%-10000% more expensive) .
Check out 3FN and MJZ Hosting and DreamHost with the 777 code for budget hosting solutions.
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thirding the nearlyfreespeech. they are awesomeness, especially now that they do the domain registering themselves.
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Dang my inability to believe everything I read.
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