Psychologist looking for work with children in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
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Help a child psychologist find a job working with children in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

While Ask MeFi seems like a longshot place to get this kind of advice, I've never struck out once here. So with that... I recently received my doctorate in School Psychology. Right now I'm working as a pediatric neuropsychologist doing assessments with children in Boston. It's too cold and expensive here for me, and after a lot of research, I'm thinking I might like to move to the Triangle area of North Carolina. I am qualified to do assessment, therapy, and consultation with children. I also have a lot of experience as a college instructor. If you're familiar with the area, tell me about public and private agencies serving children in that part of the country. Even if you're just a knowledgable parent, I'd be interested in what you know.
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I've had a bunch of friends who worked for Duke Child Psychiatry and felt like it was a good place to spend time, both as a training organization and as a place to work. Unfortunatley they've all moved on now, but you might look into it. The program is quite well regarded.
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Oh that looks like a perfect place. A friend of my parents' is a psychiatrist that trained at Duke. I'll ask her about this site.
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Maybe you should contact the people at the North Carolina Psychological Association, and ask folks there for advice. Remember also, that you'll probably need to deal with the fact that licensure is a state function - are there reciprocity arrangements between MA and NC?
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It is a good place. Just to be clear, the friends to whom I refer were all clinical social workers, not MDs.
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I'm not an MD. I'm a PhD, but many of us work in the same agencies, and I happen to love interdisciplinary colleagues.

I received my PhD in August, and so I have that, plus I will have my hours for licensure, but I am not yet licensed. I intend to gain licensure in NC, and since it will be my first license, I will use their rules exclusively, so that shouldn't be a problem. The only issue is that I have to be somewhere where I can have someone willing to supervise me (i.e. sign off on my reports) until I'm licensed myself, although it shouldn't take me long. I plan on taking my exams as soon as possible.
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Any more suggestions? Oh please say yes!
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