Automatically assembling GIFs and text into Sharepoint page
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I have a folder full of GIFs. I have a csv file with their file names and text associated with them, as well as headings. I want to make this into a page on SharePoint, one way or another. I don't want to do it manually. Help?

I have a Word document with the information in a table, and the GIFs copied in (dragged from File Explorer), but it won't copy anywhere and Word won't save it as an HTML page. The GIFs are in SharePoint too.
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Best answer: I don't have an answer, 'cause I'm not a Microsoft product user (the closest I get is developing Windows apps occasionally), but if you wanna send me the metadata as a .csv I could whip up a little Perl (or just Emacs playback and record) to turn that into something like bulleted items and <img ...> tags...

But that's just giving you a fish, not teaching you how...
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Best answer: Do you have an online version of office? If you have OneDrive, upload the word file there and open it in a browser (pref. MS Edge) and then open a SharePoint empty page with a text section, and copy and paste the table over to the SharePoint page to the text section. In my experience, that usually works.

Another alternative is to use Microsoft Lists, or basically a SharePoint list. You add a SharePoint list to your site, then you can import the csv. You'll need to upload all the gifs to a library separately - Site Assets or make a special doc library just for them, and then you'll have a relative url for the images on that site that you can refer to. Update the csv to include the relative url for the image files (I would create a single list item the way I want it to look and manually add the image there from the doc library, then export that CSV and just adapt your existing data to match the structure needed, then re-import it).

If that sounds like babble, memail me a couple of rows of the csv and I'll have a go.

You can't edit HTML directly in SharePoint Online which is what I'm presuming you have (well you can but it requires a lot of workarounds) and this is definitely a situation for a list.
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Response by poster: Those both sound like good solutions I will give a try! Mostly not babble, but I may take you up on that if I run into trouble. Thanks for the thorough explanation!
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